Friday Social Round Up: Facebook NYE Messaging Tool, GromSocial and

Facebook20Facebook New Year messaging tool

In the run up to New Year’s celebrations, Facebook created a Midnight Message Delivery app that allowed members to write private messages to their friends and family. These would be delivered to the recipient at midnight – allowing users to avoid the annual New Year congestion experienced on the phone networks.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Facebook story without a privacy complaint. Jack Jenkins, a student at Aberystwyth University, discovered that these supposedly private messages were easily read or deleted by simply changing the URL. Jenkins alerted Facebook of the problem which resulted in them briefly disabling the app whilst a fix was deployed


If you told an 11-year-old to delete their Facebook account, you’d expect a massive fuss, a tantrum and a few days of sulking. They are (arguably) not mature enough to be on such a platform (not to mention the fact that Facebook’s T&Cs require all users to be 13+). What you wouldn’t expect is for that child to make their own social networking website.

Well, young Zach Marks did exactly that, creating Gromsocial, a social network specifically designed for under 16s. The networking site has several child safety features including parents approving friends, receiving report cards outlining who their child has communicated with and all members over 16 being marked as an adult.

As well as promoting strong anti-drugs and anti-smoking campaigns, the network does not tolerate bullying or cursing.


It can be quite tough getting your dream job at the best of times, but knee-deep in a double-dip recession, and especially in the media industry, things can be especially tough. So Adam Pacitti, 24, decided to take a different approach to job hunting after applying to over 250 jobs. He decided to spend £550 on a billboard asking employers to give him a job; he accompanied this with a website We wish Adam good luck on his job search!

Viral video

2012 was full of exciting news events, and in many of them the internet at large was a centrepiece. For over a decade now, Google has created its end of year ‘Zeitgeist’ round-up (the word coming from German, meaning ‘the spirit of the times’). For 2012 – the year a South Korean pop-star went viral and a man was streamed jumping from space – Google has released its “Zeitgeist 2012: Year in Review” in video form.

Infographic Time

The first FSRU Infographic of 2013 looks back on the Social Media Statistics of 2012.