Friday Social Round Up: Facebook Shares Released, Twitter New Privacy Settings, Facebook Page Manager App

Written by Nazilla Allahiary - 18 May 2012

Facebook shares released

Today is the day Facebook shares float. The company has been valued at $104bn (£66bn), with shares individually valued at $38 (£24). So far the demand for shares has been very high with Facebook selling 25% more shares than originally planned.

Considering the phenomenal success of Facebook and the fact it is are likely to hit one billion users in the coming months, people are quite heavily divided on how the company will be able to sustain its current revenue. With more users accessing Facebook via mobile, which currently has less ad placements, it will be interesting to see how they look to monetise the mobile app.

Twitter privacy settings

In an email received this morning, Twitter has released details on changes to its Privacy Policy. It has provided more details on the information it collects and how it will use it to improve the network. For example, in one change, Twitter will now track your recent web history by using Twitter buttons and widgets on the pages, and use the information to populate its new tailored suggestions feature. Luckily, Twitter has also given the option to limit, modify or remove the information it collects. This includes a Do Not Track browser setting.

All update information can be found on Twitter’s Privacy Page.

Facebook Page Manage App

If like me you are an admin on a Facebook Page you will understand the frustration of trying to use the Facebook App to manage a page. The usability of each page is limited and there is no access to page insights. But this is soon to be a thing of the past as Facebook are testing a Page Manager App. No doubt looking at the future possibility of further mobile advertising, the new app will have features such as being able to only use the app as the page you manage; filter page posts; view new likes in real time, as well as being able to explore the pages insights.

Viral Video

Uploaded on May 14 and already racking up over 1.5m views, this prank is a huge viral sensation. As part of his stag do, Kokovtsov was blind folded by his friends and told he was going to bungee jump from 50 feet.

Infographic Time

If you were a soon to be Facebook millionaire how would you spend it?

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