Friday Social Round Up:Welcome Facebook Timeline! What is it? How do I get it?

Written by Nazilla Allahiary - 23 Sep 2011

Facebook Timeline

I can only say I love it. As I force myself to type this I am fighting an urgent compulsion to read through my past as documented by myself on Facebook and arrange my Timeline!

How Do I Get It?

  1. Go to the Facebook Developer page and click allow;
  2. Click ‘+ Create New App’ on the top right hand corner. A new window will open. Name your app in the display name and in the namespace section right anything you want as long as it ends in app (no numbers, no capitals, no spaces.) Tick to ‘Agree to the Platform Privacy Policy’ and then click continue. Your account will need to be verified so you will either need a credit card or a telephone number connected to your account.
  3. Enter the CAPTCHA verification. You will then be taken to your new apps' settings screen (if you aren't redirected here hit the Edit App button on the top right). Click on the 'Open Graph' link in the left column and define an action for your new app on the right pane. Enter whatever you like then click 'Get Started'.It is that simple! You might get an error saying something went wrong but just ignore that and head to your Facebook homepage. You should see an invitation to the new Facebook Timeline Beta (you may have to wait a few minutes). Once you have accepted you can take a short tour of the new timeline view or start editing your profile until you are ready to publish it.The timeline functionality isn't compatible with the "old" Facebook, which means of your friends won't see your fancy new page right away, but Timeline will be rolled out in the coming weeks as Facebook rolls out the update to everyone.

What Is It?

The best way to explain it is to firstly show you Facebooks 'Introducing Timeline' Video.


My favourite bits..

Facebook is no longer just a profile page, it is a digital scrapbook or a diary. You can make entries that can be both private or public and use it a way of documenting your past and present so that you can look back on your life and remember the small things that will make you smile.

  • For example, being  unmarried and childless a big thing for me was getting my cats. So I can add that as an event on my Timeline by clicking the 'Family and Relationships' button on the new status bar and select 'Add a Pet' and filling out the information.

  • Facebook also auto generates parts of the Timeline itself such as adding your next of kins births into your Timeline (if they are on Facebook and have made their date of birth public or if you have your child listed as a relative and have tagged them in a photo. We suspect the use of keywords too).
  • It also maps your Facebook Check-ins and gives you the corresponding updates.
  • As well as mapping your check ins, you can also add where and when you have travelled somewhere and upload or choose a picture from your Facebook photos.
  • It also allows you to move the dates of photos so they correspond with the event date instead of the upload date.

I would be interested to hear what you think of Facebook Timeline so please let us know!