Friday Social Round Up: Facebook Time Line for Business Pages, Raspberry Pi and Condom Check-ins

Written by Nazilla Allahiary - 02 Mar 2012

Facebook time line comes to pages

As you will know by now, Facebook announced time line for brand pages on 29 February. All pages will switch over to the new design on 30 March, giving page admins’ a month to edit their pages. All pages will have the shinny and stylish cover photo, which will help bring brand identity and individuality to each page, but if you were eyeing it up as a prime bit of marketing real estate, think again. Facebook

Condoms with QR codes

Planned Parenthood has started an interesting social media campaign to mark National Condom Week.

55,000 condoms were distributed throughout western Washington with QR codes in the packets. When scanned on a Smartphone, users are taken to mobile website Where Did You Wear it, where they can check-in their safe sex activity. The website is intended to promote safe sex.

Facebook Black Ops enforcement

A funny video about peoples' reluctance to change over to Timeline:

Infographic time

According to the Criminal Justice Degrees Guide the UK has seen a 540 per cent increase in Facebook related crimes in the past three years. As we have seen over the last year social sites can be used for both committing a crime and solving one.