Friday Social Round Up: Facebook Timeline Updates, Get notifications and Pinterest verified

Facebook timeline updates

Facebook have been testing a new layout for timeline that features a single column for posts instead of two, which is what anti-timeline users have been calling out for ever since the switchover. It still has two columns, but the right one is slightly narrower and contains boxes for photos, friends and likes as well as Open Graph apps such as Instagram and Spotify.

Facebook rolls out ‘Get Notifications’

Facebook are rolling out a new feature for pages that allows users to click ‘Get Notifications’ to ensure they receive all the updates from their favourite pages.

This will obviously help improve reach for pages that have a loyal fan base or frequently produce interesting, quality content.

Pinterest verified website

This week Pinterest launched a website verification process, allowing users who own their own websites to upload an HTML file to their server in order to verify them. Currently this only supports top level domains, but Pinterest are working on more options. They are also asking for users to suggest alternative verification options as if, like me, you have a Blogger website, it is not very easy to add the file.

The verified website will appear with a red tick next to it on the URL in your profile, also appearing in the Pinners search results.

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has been dominating the press, our thoughts and our news feeds. The majority of people are using social media in order to send others their best, receive updates from people in storm areas and let loved ones know they’re okay. However, social media has also had a somewhat bizarre role in the storm.

Several photos circulating on Facebook and Twitter purported to be of Hurricane Sandy were revealed to be fakes: one image was even a promo shot from the film The Day After Tomorrow.

As well as fakery, there were also some brand faux pas such as American Apparel’s Hurricane Sandy sale, offering 20% off everything for 36 hours, and Gap’s distasteful tweet.

Viral video

Air New Zealand has released a new safety video that is guaranteed to get people watching: #airnzhobbit.

Infographic time

This week’s infographic is from Facebook and demonstrates the power of Facebook advertising.