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Friday Social Round Up: Facebook Updates Timeline Algorithm, Pinterest Introduces Price Alerts, Instagram 4.1 is Released, and More.

This week has seen a number of updates across all of the major social platforms. There’s been a shakeup of the Facebook timeline algorithm, Pinterest introduced price alerts and the new version of Instagram (4.1) was unveiled on Wednesday.

In this edition of Fresh Egg’s Friday Social Round Up we’ll also take a look at the new and improved, ‘grown up’ Bebo, and an infographic from HootSuite.

Facebook updates its news feed algorithm

Facebook has revealed that its algorithm (commonly known as EdgeRank) which determines how posts are ranked and displayed within the news feeds of users is changing. The announcement saw Facebook being uncharacteristically open about the factors that affect the stories a user sees in their feed, in a bid to ‘demystify’ the process and offer users greater transparency.

Story bumping

Facebook’s new story bumping feature will make it easier for users to see relevant posts they may have previously overlooked. The change will mean news feeds won’t only list the newest stories on top but will also prioritise older unread stories from close friends.

In other words, the algorithm change will see stories that are new to you placed at the top, rather than simply judging the relevance of status updates on their respective publish times.

Facebook algorithm bumping

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Facebook’s ‘Last Actor’

This algorithm change takes a real-time approach to signalling through considering your most recent interactions. Last actor’ will look at your 50 most recent Facebook interactions (i.e. likes, comments and shares) and inform your news feed accordingly.  This feature is currently being rolled out in the US and will be coming to the UK at some point in the near future.

This announcement confirmed that ‘EdgeRank’ (the term, not the idea) is no longer being used by Facebook. However, the three principles behind EdgeRank, ‘Affinity’, ‘Weight’ and ‘Time Decay’, were reaffirmed.

Pinterest introduces price alerts

Pinterest’s new price alerts make it even easier to turn aspirational pins into purchases, since they are able to monitor the real-time prices of products. If there is a change in the price of a product that has been pinned, (for example, if its price has been reduced as part of a sale), the pinner will receive an email notification informing them of this.

Pinterest is rolling out this new service slowly and so it may be a little while until you see price-change emails hit your inbox.

Pinterest price alerts

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Instagram version 4.1 released

Instagram version 4.1 was released on Wednesday and it comprises some interesting new features:

Video importation

Another one-up on video social network competitor, Vine, Instagram 4.1 allows users to import existing videos from their media library. The videos can then be filtered and users can even choose how to square-crop them, so that nothing important is left out of frame.

This change is likely to be welcomed by many Instagram users, since video can now be shared through the platform regardless of when, or on what device, they were recorded.

Instagram Video import feature

Automatic straightening

This feature means the annoyance of crooked Instagram photos should become a thing of the past. Instagram has claimed that its “brand new technology” will create straight photos instantly with the tap of a button.

Instagram Automatic straightening

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Viral video of the week

This video from Bebo announcing that the platform is “growing up” is amazing. I won’t ruin it by trying to explain it (it is almost indescribable anyway), so just go ahead and click the play button:

Infographic Time

This week’s featured infographic is from social media management hub, HootSuite, and it shows usage trends for its dashboard, including geographical demographics:

Social Media DashboardTwitter desktop users demographic

source: Twitter, via Econsultancy 

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