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Friday Social Round Up: Google+ App Update, Graph Search Now Passing Keyword Data, LinkedIn's New Search and Facebook Threaded Comments on Page Posts

Google+ launches app update

Google+ updated its iOS and Android apps on Monday 25 March with a new design similar to the desktop layout as well as photo editing and filters exclusively for iOS.

The photo enhancements are from iOS app, Snapseed, which Google acquired last September. It offers Instagram-style filter options as well as options to change saturation, contrast and cropping. This update puts Google+ on a par with Facebook’s mobile photo-editing capabilities; however the Google+ mobile photo community is not yet as lively as Instagram’s.

The content stream has also been refreshed, emphasising image previews and there is more emphasis on engagement actions such as +1, re-sharing and commenting. Users are now able to share their location with select circles and there have also been enhancements to Google+ communities.


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Facebook Graph Search passing keyword data to Webmasters

Facebook launced Graph Search earlier this year and it seems to have finally reached Worthing, with one Fresh Egg employee confirmed to be checking out its stalking features.

When Graph Search was launched, webmasters noted a lack of keyword data being passed, in Google Analytics the referrer would just be a generic ‘social’ visit from Facebook.

Last weekend Glenn Gabe of G-Squared Interactive uncovered that Facebook has now begun passing keyword data within referral strings. In his post he showed an example of the new referer where the keyword is being passed. He goes on to explain how you can set up an advanced filter track in GA, as at the moment Google Analytics doesn’t recognise Facebook as an official search engine and still just shows the referrer without the keyword.

Graph Search may prove to be a really powerful tool for both users and webmasters.

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LinkedIn unveils new streamlined search

On Monday 25 March LinkedIn announced an update to its search making it “even smarter and more streamlined”.

LinkedIn claim the search process has been made more unified so you no longer need to search for jobs, people and companies separately; the results page pulls in content from across LinkedIn. There will also be the option of suggested searches and a ‘smarter query intent algorithm’, thus over time LinkedIn will understand your intent and provide more relevant results.

Another interesting advance is automated alerts, so users are able to save a search and be alerted when any changes to that search are made.

This update, along with Facebook Graph Search will provide more depth and customisation in social search, potentially dissuading users from searching on Google instead.


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Facebook rolls out threaded comments on Page posts

In a bid to improve conversations between brands and consumers, Facebook announced on Monday that it’s rolling out a new comments feature aiming to keep relevant conversations connected.

People interacting with business Pages will now be able to reply directly to other users’ comments left on the Page and start conversation threads. Additionally, comments on Page posts will now be algorithmically sorted with the most commented on/closest to your network comments gravitating to the top.

This has been in testing since November 2012 and users of Pages and public Profiles (with more than 10,000 followers) will now be able to opt-in to the new features. In July these will become default, though this is currently only available on desktop.

According to Vadim Lavrusik, Journalism Program Manager at Facebook, in the months of testing they have seen this feature “improve conversations and be used to start open dialogues with the community.” This gives Page/Profile owners more interactive functionality and allows them to communicate more directly with customers.

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Viral video

This week’s viral video is a nail-biting near miss. A Great White shark attempts to attack a newlywed in a worryingly flimsy shark diving cage, caught on camera.

Infographic time

This infographic from the editors of MBA in Marketing Degree Guide looks at a sometimes rejected digital resource: social influencers. In a connected digital world, businesses still find it difficult to effectively use social media to their advantage to maximise ROI. Social media influencers have great potential in generating revenue for your business.

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