Friday Social Round Up: Google+ Event, Rainbow Oreo, Facebook Email, Wimbledon and Kittens

Written by Nazilla Allahiary - 29 Jun 2012

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Events in Google+

Having only recently launched Google Local, Google have now launched Events on Google+. It allows users to create an event on Google+ and invite people by email address or in accordance to which circle they connect to you by. As with Facebook event, invitees can then comment on the event and add images. When the event comes around, anyone person invited can use the Google+ app and visit the event page to select ‘Party Mode’. Once in Party Mode, any photo or video will be uploaded to the events stream, collecting everyone’s images in one place. All these images are then made into a slideshow for attendees to view on the event page afterwards.


Rainbow Oreo


This week Oreo cookies took a bold step and I will forever applaud them for it. The brave brand, who is part of food giant Kraft, posted a picture of a Rainbow Oreo showing their support of Gay Pride on Facebook. Whilst this may not seem bold or brave to you or me, it is a very big move for a brand to make such a statement on social or political topics, especially in the USA where homosexuality is often a tricky subject.

The post was made after a weekend of Pride events across the nation. The majority of the feedback was positive:

"Way to go Oreo!" wrote Christopher Kahle. "You used to be able to tell how much guts a brand had by their advertising, today we get to see it with their compassion."

However, there were also a lot of negative comments, with people threatening to boycott the product as shown by the following response:

"Your attempt to 'normalize' the behaviour of homosexuals has cost you a customer."

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Facebook email

This week Facebook experienced another huge backlash from its users for apparently changing everyone’s visible email address to a Facebook one without letting them know. There are two things that annoy me about this situation. The first is that if any of these users wanted to know about any update, all they have to do is visit the Facebook News page. Had they done so, they would have noticed that this change was announced back in April. The second is that after complaining nonstop about Facebook ‘privacy issues’, when they finally did do something that was in the interest of users’ privacy they got heavily criticised. Oh well; you win some, you lose some.

If you want to change your email back, follow the steps in the video below.

How to change your Facebook email back from Peter Brewer on Vimeo.


We know what you’re doing

As we know, Facebook has ‘privacy issues’ (i.e. people don’t think about online security and leave their profiles public). Callum Haywood decided to make a website that highlights how dangerous it can be to leave your profile public. We Know What You’re Doing uses Facebook Open Graph to bring in updates from public profiles. These updates are categorised into four columns:

  • Who wants to get fired? (Statuses about people hating their boss)
  • Who’s hungover?
  • Who’s taking drugs?
  • Who has a new number? (All numbers are censored with Xs)

The website also highlights how dangerous checking-in on Facebook can be by taking check-in information from Facebook and matching it with Google Street view; this will provide viewers of the site with details of where users and their friends have been along with pictures. It also has a function that identifies locations in Foursquare, more specifically places labelled ‘My Home’.

BBC Wimbledon Facebook coverage

On Thursday, the BBC launched a BBC Sports app on Facebook to cover Wimbledon and the Olympics. Once the app is installed, users can choose which stream they would like to watch as well as giving them the ability to live chat with other viewers. The app uses Geo IP blocking to prevent users outside of the UK from viewing the streams.


Viral video

I love cats and kittens so have been finding it ultra hard to not stare at these seven adorable kittens and their mum on Ustream. Apparently over 343,000 people have been having the same problem, too!

Free live streaming by Ustream

Please note that, while kittens are cute, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to spay or neuter your cat; not all kittens are as lucky as these ones.

Infographic time

With mobile browsing growing extremely quickly, you need to ensure mobile users can access your services. Here is a useful infographic to help you decide if your brand or business needs a mobile app or a mobile website.