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Friday Social Round Up: Google+ Friends Activity Update, Twitter Unveils Four Updates, and Instagram Adds Web Embedding

This week has been abuzz with updates as Google+ and Twitter roll out and test a whole host of new features. It has also been a busy week for rapper Jay Z, who caused a stir distributing his new album socially which spawned the already infamous #SamsungFail hashtag. We’ll also take a look at the incredibly cringe- worthy viral video everyone has been talking about…

Google+ now shows users posts +1’d by friends

Google has announced that from next Tuesday (July 16) +1 activity of friends will appear within user streams.

This update is essentially the Google+ equivalent of a friend’s Facebook Like appearing in your Facebook news stream, highlighting +1’d posts to make it easier to see what people in your circles are interested in. This notification will be displayed directly above the actual content, as seen below:

google update

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Four Twitter updates

It has been a busy week for Twitter as they have revealed a number of updates, affecting everything from follow backs, to adverts. Here are the most important points in brief:

  • Twitter finally syncs direct messages: Anyone who regularly uses direct messages on Twitter will know the familiar frustration of the “unread dot” which appears on already-read messages if you access your account from a different device. Twitter is finally implementing a solution with an update which will ensure messages are marked as read across all of its official clients (i.e. the Twitter website itself, Tweetdeck, Twitter for Mac and Twitter for Android)

  • Automated follow backs banned: To help clamp down on spammy  and fake accounts, Twitter published changes to the Developer Rules of The Road, meaning auto-follows are no longer allowed
  • Twitter experiments with new ways to tailor ads: This update will see Twitter showing adverts tailored to the browser history information of users. Twitter says the update will make adverts “more useful”. Users can choose to opt out by unchecking the 'promoted content' box in account settings. Currently the feature is only being tested in the US – there is no date set as yet for wider roll-out
  • Testing has begun on new ‘embedded on these websites’ feature: This update will display links to articles online which have embedded a tweet. This will be a great way of showing who is sharing content and providing more exposure for a topic. The feature should also help users to determine the most authoritative when it comes to breaking news

Twitter embedded update

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Instagram introduces web embedding

This update will allow web users to embed Instagram pictures and videos on other websites. Once embedded, images will include the responsible Instagram user’s handle and a clickable Instagram logo linking back to their stream.

The official Instagram blog says “whether you want to embed your video on your blog or a friend wants to feature your photo on a website, everyone will clearly see that your content belongs to you”.

Instagram web embed
Instagram web embed

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Jay Z breaks boundaries (and almost Samsung’s servers too!)

Jay Z’s novel method of album distribution via the Android app store for his latest LP, Magna Carta Holy Grail, was the subject of huge debate this week. The world seems torn as to whether it was ultimately a hugely successful PR campaign for Jay Z, or massive embarrassment for Samsung.

The premise was that one million Samsung Galaxy users would get the album for free before the official release date, on a first come first serve basis, by downloading a special app. The app however was plagued by security issues and crashes, resulting in the hashtag ‘#SamsungFail’ trending worldwide. The campaign proved too popular for Samsung’s own good and their servers just couldn't handle the unprecedented demand.

Rapper JayZ

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Viral Video of the week

This video of former BBC The Apprentice quitter, Katie Hopkins, having a bizarre rant about children’s names in relation to social class on ITV’s This Morning has been the topic of water cooler conversations everywhere over the past seven days. It’s racked up a whopping 10,922,631 views so far and is almost too painful to watch…

Stat of the week

This week’s stat from the Econsultancy Social Media Statistics Compendium looks at the age demographics of social media users and proves that more older people than ever are using social networks.

social media age demographics
social media age demographics

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