Friday Social Round Up: #Google+ iPad App, #Twitter Searches, #Facebook Events and Group Updates

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Google+ iPad app

Google has released a full-sized Google+ iPad app. Previously, users would have had to either use the iPhone version or access the social network in a browser. Although people are already criticising it for being designed for browsing rather than a full Google+ experience, it has a few benefits.

Firstly, the usability is much better, while it is easier to select circles, +1 and comment than before. Most impressively, you can use the Google+ Hangout feature, meaning that you don’t have to sit at your computer to use the service. Naturally, there are bound to be a few glitches, but I’m sure these will be rectified with updates as with any other app.

Twitter searches

Twitter has made several updates their search function. The first is that your search results now come in three categories: ‘Top Tweets’, ‘All’ and the newly added ‘People you follow’. Another useful feature is that Twitter now searches real names as well as usernames. Additionally, the search now autocompletes to show you the mostly likely terms for your query as you enter it, autocorrects spelling and also gives related suggestions.

Facebook Event and Group updates

Facebook has redesigned its Events page. The site has launched (only US at the moment) an Events calendar so that you can see what events are coming up more clearly. It will display RSVPs, Events and birthdays as well as suggested events.

Facebook has also updated Groups to allow you to see who in the group has read each post.

Viral video

The latest Call Me Maybe cover - and possibly the funniest - has racked up just under 3 million views in just two days. Introducing the Cookie Monster, singing Share It Maybe.


Infographic time

I am always being asked how to get more followers, @replies or RTs, so here are a few tips.