Friday Social Round Up: IKEA Sleepover, Bigger Instagram, Facebook Business Cards.

Written by Nazilla Allahiary - 06 Jan 2012

Facebook timeline business cards.

It is now possible to get your Facebook timeline design printed on a business card thanks to online printing company Moo. The new design is part of the partnership between Facebook and Moo, where the company will give away 50 cards to 200,000 people who sign up (ten million cards in total). Moo also gives the option for each of the 50 cards to have a unique design and on the reverse of the business card you can add a custom quote.

If you aren’t lucky enough to be one of the 200,00 people to get a free batch, the cards are £10 including VAT and delivery for 50 cards. Moo use an app to create the cards, once you have granted the app access to your Facebook information, it will grab all your photos and previous timelines to make the cards for you. You can then customise the designs by dragging and dropping images until you are satisfied! The only question now is how does your timeline represent you from a business perspective?

Instagram gets the bigger picture.

Since converting from BlackBerry to iPhone I have become addicted to Instagram; I love the ‘Nashville’ filter and border.

The buzz online is that 2012 will be a big year for Instagram. Not only is it soon to be launched on Android, the small start up has also had interest from both Facebook and Google but so far have not accepted any offers. On top of that the app is suited to everyone, not just tech heads, and at the moment users aren’t flooded by ads in their streams.

With all these high expectations, Instagram has today made a great update to their service! Previously if a user posted their image to Facebook it would appear as a link! No it uploads the full size image to a Facebook album, thus making it easier to share and store your photos.

You can also upload older images, using the following steps:

Go to Instagram and click on Profile, under ‘Photos’ click ‘Your Photos’.

Select the photo you would like to upload and click on the link on the bottom right of the picture.

Select share post.

Click the share button next to Facebook.


IKEA sleepover.

Who hasn’t dreamt of staying the night in a big shop? The comfy beds, night time strolling, the whole shop to yourself or a limited few and as much browsing time as you like! Well, a UK Facebook group with over 100,000 fans inspired a fantastic marketing campaign for IKEA. 100 members of the group named ‘I wanna have a sleepover in IKEA’ were invited to do just that! The event was held in November, with a strict pyjama only dress code and an over 25 age restriction. Each participant was given a goody bag containing eye masks, slippers, a towel and a snack. Those taking part were treated to manicures and massages, while sipping hot chocolate and watching a midnight film as well as having a bedtime story read to them by Sam Faiers from reality TV show The Only Way is Essex.  There was also a sleep expert available to give advice on how to get good night's sleep.

Infographic time.

Here is a useful infographic documenting Instagram’s rise to popularity.