Friday Social Round Up: Instagram Comes to Android, Skype Swipes at Facebook & Twitter and the Best Hole-in-One Video EVER?

Written by Nazilla Allahiary - 06 Apr 2012

Instagram comes to Android

It’s probably one of THE apps that Android phone users have been waiting for. And this week Instagram became available for download.

Just two weeks ago Android users were invited to register to be kept informed of the launch, but they didn’t have to wait long at all. This week they received an email titled: “Finally. Instagram for Android”.

Instagram is one of iOS users’ most popular photographic apps and it seems it will soon be the same for Android users too; there have been over 1 million downloads in less than 24 hours.

Part of the popularity of the app is the fact that you can apply a range of cool filters to your photos, giving them a retro 70s Polaroid vibe.

Also the social networking angle has proved hugely popular – users can share their photos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other sites as well as ‘favourite’ other users’ photos within Instagram itself.

Photo credit: Instagram

Skype ad campaign takes on Facebook and Twitter

This week saw Skype’s new ad campaign go live in the UK. However, there’s no smiley faces here, just an all-out assault on Facebook and Twitter.

The $12 million campaign is looking to promote its service as the human way to stay in touch, therefore taking a swipe at the likes of Facebook and Twitter, who offer purely text-based messaging, in the process.

Some of the slogans include such digs as “When did LOL replace the sound of laughter” and “140 characters doesn’t equal staying in touch”.

The brand appears to be trying to connect with those people who say they have had their fill of social networks due to them making them feel “disconnected”.

The ads were created by Pereira & O’Dell and were launched on Wednesday this week at Heathrow Airport and other major public transport hubs.

It’s an interesting stance from Skype, especially considering their current business relationship with Facebook (which is included in the program as an integration feature).

Image credits: AdWeek


Viral video

This week sees the 76th Masters Tournament take place at the legendary Augusta course, with millions across the world tuning in throughout the weekend to see who is crowned champion on Sunday.

However, earlier this week German golfer Martin Kaymer made golf history with one of the most impressive hole-in-one shots ever. Martin, who is the second golfer in this video, was on a practice round when he came to a 170-yard hole called “Redbud”, which features a lake between the tee and the green.

Instead of shooting high over the lake on this hole, Martin opted instead to skim his ball across the water and onto the green, where it spins back perfectly and drops in.

This video was filmed by one of the crowd and in the few days since it was posted to YouTube it has seen over 500,000 views as well as receiving boundless media attention and no doubt replays on TV all weekend.

Infographic time

There is a definite blur between the ‘personal’ and the ‘public’ on social media networks. Some people are disciplined enough the keep different social networks for different things, but the majority of us will merrily post all sorts of content without thinking about who could be seeing it.

Often there is no issue at all about mixing your personas up but, as this infographic demonstrates, you may want to use caution what with some 45% of employers now saying they use social networks to research candidates.

Remember that time after the pub when you came home and posted something only to realise exactly what you had shared with thousands in the cold light of the next day...