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Friday Social Round Up: Instagram Reaches 100 Million Users, LinkedIn Jobs Page, Google+ Sign-In, Facebook Ads and Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong

Instagram now has 100 million active users

This week Instagram announced that it has passed the 100 million active user landmark. This is quite an achievement for the Facebook-owned photo app after a few months of ups and downs and plenty of lost users.

Back in December, Instagram created a backlash in the most effective way that a social media platform can: by creating a terms and conditions debacle. Angry users were worried that Instagram would sell their photos without their consent, which led to 20 million of them leaving, while the site also attracted further criticism when it disabled the support for Twitter cards in the same month.

However, none of this matters now as Instagram, along with other picture sharing giant Pinterest, is growing fast. Simply Measured highlighted how Instagram was being adopted by some of the world’s top 100 brands including MTV, Starbucks and Adidas.

On passing the 100 million active user mark, Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, said that he believes we are now seeing a world that is better connected and understood through photographs, and that images “have the ability to connect people from all backgrounds, languages and cultures.


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New LinkedIn jobs page

LinkedIn has redesigned its jobs page to add a new look and feel as well as an improved search function that will be rolled out to all members over the next few weeks. LinkedIn has made many changes to its site recently, and this is another redesign as part of its objective to “simplify our core product experiences”.

New features include a ‘save job’ option to keep track of them on your page and deeper search function that allows users to browse jobs by country, postcode, industry and function. Another new feature highlights opportunities at companies where you have a first degree connection who can refer you.

This is the latest major update since the profile page redesign and sees LinkedIn going back to basics by focusing on its more prominent and primary services.


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Google+ Sign-In

Google+ has released a sign-in method to rival Facebook Connect. This was rolled out on Tuesday and allows users to sign in to a new website quickly and securely with Google+, Gmail or YouTube. This also allows users to install those sites’ mobile apps with one click.

When sharing from an app that uses Google+ Sign-In, your friends will see a new kind of interactive post in their Google+ stream which will prompt them to take specific action.



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Facebook ads based on offline shopping habits

Facebook is continuing on its journey to world domination and can now know what you’re doing even when you’re not on the internet.

On Wednesday, Facebook announced that it has partnered with a number of data mining firms, who will share data gleaned from shopper loyalty programs. Facebook advertisers will then be able to match their target audience based on categories.

Facebook Studio gives an example:

An auto dealer may want to customise an offer to people who are looking to buy a new car. To do this today, many businesses work with third parties to better understand how to identify and reach that audience. With today's updates, businesses can now do this same thing by showing ads to people on Facebook who may be in the market for a new car.“

This more targeted approach could be extremely beneficial for marketers.



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Viral video

Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong has had over 17 million views since being uploaded. It features Tori Locklear showing viewers how not to use curling tongs. It’s hard to say why this has gone viral, but it can be assumed that it’s purely down to the sheer look of horror on her face when it all starts going wrong.

Infographic time

The average online attention span in 2012 was eight seconds. Using video can help communicate a message quickly, simply and interestingly and is more likely to be shared. This videographic designed by Al Boardman tells you more.