Friday Social Round Up: iOS 6 Facebook Integration, Twitter Header and iPad App Update and #WaitroseReasons.

iOS 6 introduces Facebook integration

As you probably know, Apple’s iPhone 5 is out today; that’s why people have been queuing outside your local Apple store for days. The iOS 6 update was released on Wednesday, and that means that iPhones all over the world now have Facebook integration as standard!

The new feature allows users to share or send stuff to Facebook from their phones. The share screen has had a makeover to include the addition.

Once you’ve added your Facebook to your iPhone, it’s also possible to update your Facebook using Siri by saying “Post to Facebook” and then your update.

Twitter news

Twitter header


Twitter has had a profile update, the most noticeable aspect of this being the header. Similar to the Facebook cover photo, it allows users to customise their profiles further. In addition to the header, Twitter has also changed the media section to display more photos.

iPad app update

Along with the new profile update, Twitter also updated its iPad and iPhone apps. Although there has been lots of negative feedback online, I personally quite like the update. The new profile pages displays the Twitter header and allows you to swipe through that person’s images on the same page.

I also like the way tweets expand in the news feed when you select them rather than opening up in a new column.

Goodbye GIFs and Twitter triggers

Another update to Twitter is that they have now banned the use of GIFs as avatars.

Additionally, Twitter’s API policy has now affected IFTTT. You will still be able to automate tweets using the service but can no longer make a recipe that is triggered using a Twitter action.

Waitrose Twitter campaign

Waitrose started a Twitter campaign asking their followers to tweet the reasons they shop at the store using #WaitroseReasons. The feed was then hijacked with a lot of comedy tweets. While many are saying that the campaign has backfired, Waitrose has handled the activity well, thanking people for the comments and saying that they find them funny!

Viral video

I’m sure you’re all probably sick of this by now, but we couldn’t ignore Gangnam Style any longer, especially when it gives us an excuse to share a GIF of our very own Paul Chaloner doing the dance while presenting at the StarCraft II World Championship Series in Sweden last weekend!