Friday Social Round Up: iPhone 4s launches, Blackberry blunders and the evolution of the mobile.

iPhone 4s Launches today.

Today is THE day that the iPhone 4S is released. Whist many were left disappointed by the announcement of the 4S instead of the iPhone 5, the madness has still arrived! It has been estimated that 3 million units will be sold this weekend alone, with 25 million expected to be sold by Christmas.

People around the globe have been queuing up, some, like Jessica Mellow and Kennen Thompson, have been queuing outside the New York Apple store for 17 days even though the phone was only announced 10 days ago! Even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was number one in the queue outside the Apple Store in Los Gatos.

Blackberry Network goes down.

Image: Honou

With the iPhone 4S coming out today, it was a very bad time for Blackberry to have network issues this week. Blackberry has already seen a 7% reduction in the market share this year and this will only decrease further after millions of its users were left with little functionality of their phones. The network outage originally affected Europe, the Middle East and Africa but on Thursday spread to America. Engineers were working “day and night” to fix the problem with BlackBerry services, which left users with phones that could not BBM, receive emails or connect with apps. The problems began at about 11am on Monday when it is thought RIM (Research In Motion) attempted to upgrade software on its database but unfortunately it suffered corruption problems. When RIM tried to revert back to the old system the database collapsed. I for one will be retiring my Blackberry for an iPhone 4S, not just because of the outage, but because I feel Blackberry don’t have anything to offer me anymore.


iOS5 upgrade issues.

Since its release on Wednesday, Apple’s iOS 5 has encountered some problems, after users started having various problems with the new OS. The most common problem was the length of time to download. This problem is due to the sheer amount of people trying to download the new iOS, the update covers iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, both iPads and selected iPod Touch models so you can imagine how swamped their servers are! Another issue is Apples’ new iCloud feature seems not to be working properly, with users reporting all sorts of problems such as desktops not sync although iPhone and iPads are working fine. These are more than likely teething problems that Apple will rectify in a couple of days.

The evolution of the mobile phone.