Friday Social Round Up: Klout changes, Pinterest Launches Mobile Apps, Lynx Social Media Campaign and SEOMoz Buys Followerwonk

Written by David Somerville - 17 Aug 2012

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Klout changes algorithim

On Tuesday this week, Klout announced that they had made a major change to the algorithm for their infamous Klout score.

According to Klout, they have “improved the Klout score to continue giving you the most accurate and transparent influence measurement online”.

Some of the ways they have changed it include:

  • Measuring more actions – This includes things like Facebook subscribers and +K received
  • Real-world influence data – Wikipedia references, LinkedIn titles and other signals

They are also planning to include other networks such as Tumblr and YouTube in the near future.

Another planned new feature is ‘Moments’, a visualisation of how your posts from the last 90 days have impacted your Klout score. This feature is replacing the current metrics of True Reach, Amplification and Network Impact.

In addition to algorithm changes, they have also updated the design of the site with better ‘Insights’ in order to make viewing results easier.

Another useful thing they have done is to apply this change to the entire history of your Klout Score, so it will remain consistent with the new one.

This change has had an effect, seemingly increasing scores in the case of most people – mine rose from 50 to 57 and a straw poll of the Fresh Egg team seems to suggest rises all round.

Despite that changes, critics have remained fairly quiet this week, but this is possibly due to the fact that the scores have gone up!

Pinterest rolls out Android and iPad apps

Pinterest Mobile AppsLast week we brought you the breaking news that Pinterest had come out of invite-only mode and was now blog was that these launches were made due to demand from users to be able to access the growing social network on their mobile devices.

Being an image-led platform, it’s the iPad users who are likely to be most excited about this. The new app works really well on the device, and the images look crystal-clear (especially on the new iPad).

It’s likely the introduction of these will serve to further increase interest in Pinterest and ensure that even more pins are added than ever before.

Lynx #ChaseTheChaos social media campaign

This week, men’s health and beauty brand Lynx ran an integrated social media campaign known as #ChaseTheChaos. It offered seven people the chance to win a trip for them and a friend to Lynx’s Chaos Island for “the party of the year with 20 Lynx girls, return flights, watersports, food & drink.”

The campaign’s hub was the Lynx Facebook page, with an app created and lots of on-page posting of images and teaser messages.

Entrants had to compete in a race against others to follow clues on Facebook, YouTube and purpose-built mini websites, to try to be the first person to solve the puzzle.

Sophie Hellyer Lynx Chasethechaos campaign
Photo credit: Lynx Facebook page

On YouTube, the campaign took over the standard Lynx Effect channel, with a new background image and changes to the standard ‘About us’ text. There were videos uploaded promoting the competition and also a series of seven videos that showed model and surfer Sophie Hellyer surfing from all angles at an artificial wave park in Dubai. By uploading a separate video for each camera angle, this guaranteed people would watch them all (and therefore increase the video views).

The campaign was also backed with a one minute TV campaign, filmed in Lynx’s inimitable style. It will run a further five times across the next few weeks.

We spoke to Sophie, who said: “Coincidentally, in my dissertation at University I came up with an event involving a Twitter scavenger hunt, so it was interesting to see a real-life social media campaign similar to this coming together.

"From my side of things, the campaign was really fun to be involved with, especially as I got to go to Dubai to do the filming.

"I’ve also picked up lots of Facebook friend requests from men as a result as well!”

The campaign is another great example of a big brand using social media as the key marketing channel for a heavyweight promotion. In terms of results so far, it has certainly generated a large volume of social sharing and engagement.

SEOMoz buys Follerwonk

On Wednesday this week, SEO software provider SEOmoz announced that it had acquired Twitter analytics service Followerwonk. It is perhaps not the most obvious fit, but it does suggest that there is more importance being placed on Twitter’s relation to SEO activity and search.

Apparently, the acquisition was actually made two months ago and with talks starting a year back. This delay has allowed SEOMoz to integrate Followerwonk into its Pro account suite of tools and make it available straight away.

A blog post on featured a quote from SEOMoz’s head honcho Rand Fishkin, who said: “When we were trying to get funding back in August of 2011 we were talking about our desire to acquire Followerwonk. When that fell through we had to put the idea on hold until this year when we got our funding. At that point I was able to make the call to see if there was still a chance of making this happen. Fortunately, there was.”

Followerwonk, which is a favourite of the Fresh Egg social media team and included in our


Infographic time

This week’s infographic has been produced by Socialbakers and shows that social media marketing is not just about one metric. It includes some really useful information about how they measure levels of engagement across Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Engament is the real metric infographic