Friday Social Round Up: #Kony2012, Friendsheet and Pinterest Lottery

Written by Nazilla Allahiary - 09 Mar 2012


This week my Twitter feed and Facebook News feed have been dominated by #Kony2012. The video, which was uploaded on Monday, is a campaign calling for the arrest of Joseph Kony, who is the leader of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda.

The campaign, which was implemented by charity Invisible Children, is aimed at raising global awareness about Kony and the LRA who have been recruiting child soldiers and are believed to have killed and mutilated tens of thousands of people across east and central Africa over the last 25 years.

The charity hopes that a global awareness will encourage the US government to continue to assist the Ugandan government in arresting Kony.

The virality of this video is incredible, especially because it contains such a strong message, but people are very much in two minds about the campaign and Invisible Children. While most watch and share the 30 minute video, some people are looking deeper into the situation.

Invisible Children have been accused of spending most of their raised funds on staff salaries, travel expenses and filmmaking. The charity was only rated 2 out of 4 stars for financial accountability by NGO watchdog Charity Navigator. Invisible Children have also been accused of manipulating facts for strategic purposes. All these accusations have been addressed by Invisible Children on their blog.

Since Pinterest took over my life six weeks ago I have noticed a wealth of rip offs, some not even trying to hide their shameful familiarity. As such, I have to admit I wasn’t surprised when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg expressed his approval of Facebook app Friendsheet by clicking the ‘Like’ button on the apps page. reorganizes photos from your news feed and Albums so that it looks like Pinterest. You can also upload images via Friendsheet.

BMI Pinterest lottery

BMI are running a very unique and innovative competition on Pinterest. BMI has launched five destination boards for Beirut, Dublin, Marrakech, Moscow and Nice. Each board features nine images, each with a different number on it. To enter the competition, Pinterest users have to repin six of these images from any board. At the end of each week, one number will be selected and a random user who repinned the corresponding image will win a pair of return flights to any BMI destination.

Kony 2012 video

Here is the 30 minute video that has received over 36.9 million views on YouTube since it was uploaded on March 5th.

Infographic time

Here is an infographic about my favorite social site Pinterest.

Infographic: Online Schools