Friday Social Round Up: New LinkedIn Brand Pages, Interactive Linkin Park Music Video and New Twitter Widgets

New LinkedIn brand pages

It wasn’t too long ago that LinkedIn had a bit of a homepage and profile makeover, and we loved the new look! Now they’ve started rolling out a new design on their company pages, too.

The new design is aimed to boost engagement between the pages and job hunters. The new pages are less cluttered and more visual than the current ones, making updates such as new products and vacancies easier to see.

However, that’s not all that they have changed: LinkedIn have also altered the algorithm on the page so that a company’s updates are customised to the user viewing it, ensuring that the user sees relevant posts first.

New Twitter widgets

On Wednesday night, Twitter released some new widgets! While signed in, go to ‘Settings > Widget’ and you will arrive at the interface pictured.

The new feature allows users to create four types of widget for their website. Users can now embed their Timeline, Favourite Tweets, one of their Lists and even a Twitter Search on their site.

New Linkin Park music video

Do you remember the Take this Lollipop campaign that made it look like a weirdo was stalking your Facebook page? Well now Linkin Park has used similar technology to incorporate your Facebook pictures in their new music video for Lost In The Echo. You can experience the full video at or watch the trailer below:

Viral video

This weeks viral video was uploaded on August 8th by the parents of the featured twins and has since been viewed over 9.5 million times.

Infographic time

If the internet was a Zoo these social media platforms would be…