Friday Social Round Up: LinkedIn to Klout, Social Media and Law, Follower Loyalty

Written by Nazilla Allahiary - 17 Jun 2011


As you will be aware Klout is a way of measuring your influence in the Social Media world. As of this week Klout will now asses your LinkedIn usage, as well as appraise who you're influencing on the site and exactly how you are influencing them.

This information will be combined with the usual data taken from Facebook and Twitter to give you a new (and hopefully better) Klout score!

Social Media and Law

This is a topic that is popping up more and more in recent week starting with the Super-Injunction/Twitter incident. This week Social Media is being used in several ways by both sides of the Law!

Follower Loyalty

Social Media is becoming a big way of promoting and growing businesses so it is no surprise really that  recent research indicates that consumers are more loyal to brands that they 'Like' or 'Follow' on popular social media sites.

Over the past year, these kind of connections between retailer and consumer have become more common, meaning most brands have grown their following quite considerately.

Around half of Twitter and Facebook  users have said that they are more likely to talk about, recommend and even purchase a company's product after they started engaging with them via Social Media.

The research also showed that Twitter users show a greater level of engagement than Facebook users, as well as in willingness to link to an ad for the product or attend a sponsored event. Still many users feel that they are receiving to much communication from these brands with 40%  of consumers only wanting communication once or twice a month., and another 26% thought weekly communication was enough.