Friday Social Round Up: LinkedIn Personalisation Updates, Facebook Ads Manager Update, and BrewDog’s #MashTag

Written by Intern - 28 Jun 2013

This week, find out how LinkedIn is getting more personal and how to create more meaningful reports within Facebook Ads Manager. Then discover how a brewery has created a Twitter-inspired beer…

LinkedIn update

On Wednesday 26 June, LinkedIn introduced two new features to improve personalisation on the platform:

Who’s viewed your updates?

This update will provide users with a simplified snapshot of what they have shared over the past 14 days, who has seen each shared item and whether they have been liked/shared by 1st degree connections. Users will also be able to view how 2nd and 3rd degree connections have engaged with shared content.

According to Caroline Gaffney, Product lead at LinkedIn, this insight will provide more opportunities to build [professional brands] and make connections with new professionals that share common interests.”

You recently visited

This new feature includes highlights of recent profiles you have viewed, and details of searches you’ve made and group discussions you have participated in.

LinkedIn says this addition will be useful “to retrace your steps, re-engage in conversations or follow-up with that old colleague you intended to connect with.”

Both of these updates are displayed on the right of a user’s homepage and are live now. For more information on this update and other features new to LinkedIn, visit the LinkedIn blog. You can also check out the Fresh Egg free Who's Viewed Your Updates LinkedInFacebook Ads Manager update

In line with the recent update and simplification of Facebook Insights, on Wednesday 26 June the platform announced they have applied several updates to Ads Manager Reports.

Facebook says its Ads Manager update “will help advertisers measure the performance of their campaigns in real-time so they can build even more effective future campaigns on Facebook.”

The update includes these new features:

    • Ability to customise ad reports

    • Scheduled reports

    • Reach and frequency measurements across any date range for an ad, campaign, or ad account.

    • Report breakdowns by age, gender, country or placement (i.e. where their ad shows on Facebook)

For more information about this update, visit Facebook Studio. To navigate Ads Manger Reports effectively, be sure to view Facebook’s updated guide.

Facebook Studio update screenshot

BrewDog’s #MashTag

Now, for some user generated beer. Scottish brewery, BrewDog utilised a number of social platforms to develop one of their latest products.

Described by the company as a democratic ‘beer by the people, for the people’, BrewDog decided to give all brewing decisions to its fans, customers and anyone else interested in the craft brewing process.

Recently, Brew Dog has posted a number of blog posts offering readers options for various elements of the brew, including beer ‘style’ and name. The company also provided its readers with insight about the brewing process along the way. Users simply had to vote via BrewDog’s blog, from Twitter (using the hashtag #MashTag), or via Facebook for each of the user-voted elements.

The resulting 7.5% American brown ale named ‘#MashTag Democratic Brown’ is now available to buy on BrewDog’s website. The company has been successful in creating a digital marketing strategy that has been vocalised via their dedicated brand advocates and covered by Mashable,and a product which is sure to please their current – and soon-to-be – fans.

Mashtag and Brewdog creator photo

Viral video

Barack Obama stayed up all night to ‘Get Lucky’…

Infographic time

The Search Metrics study, Rank Correlation 2013 for Google USA, has highlighted that social signals continue to correlate very well with rankings, with seven of the 10 most important factors in SEO ranking now stemming from social media.

This infographic documents the findings in more detail:


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