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Friday Social Round Up: Nordstrom Pinterest Strategy, Like and Comment as a Company on LinkedIn and 40 Creative Cover Image Ideas

Seemingly, every social platform had an update to shout about last week. By comparison, it appears most social platforms have been napping over the past seven days!

That said, we still have some interesting stories to highlight for you, including a clever Pinterest campaign and a LinkedIn update, as well as the social stat of the week.

Nordstrom in-store Pinterest strategy

US fashion retail store, Nordstrom, is currently leading the way with an interesting integrated marketing approach, involving Pinterest. The brand has used the platform for a while, and recently experimented with in-store displays, highlighting the most popular (i.e. most pinned) items.

Social media manager at Nordstrom, Bryan Galipeau, described Pinterest as the “world’s biggest wish list”. Galipeau argued therefore, that it makes sense to mine customer interactions on Pinterest and align such with merchandising strategy in stores. Nordstrom also went a step further, introducing a new section on its website, featuring its most pinned items from Pinterest.

The company said it was too early to assess the results of this campaign but did reveal it is part of a broader social media strategy to enhance customer experience, based on what their various social communities are looking for.

Have you seen any other innovative campaigns marrying digital and the offline realm?  Tell us in the comments below. 


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Now like and comment as a company on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has now enabled Company Page admins to be able to reply to comments, or like an update, as the company.

LinkedIn mentioned this update a little while ago, claiming it would roll out gradually. However, we were pleased to see the update make its way to the Fresh Egg LinkedIn page this week.

This update enables companies to communicate more professionally with those commenting on their updates, while those managing client pages to not have to show their personal identity.

On another note, reporting for Company Page posts is now visible to all page admins for each individual update. This means at a glance, you can now quickly see which posts have had good engagement levels (including the number of impressions, clicks and completed social actions) 24 hours after each post has been published.

For more information on what Company Page admins can do on LinkedIn, visit the LinkedIn help section.

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40 creative Facebook cover image ideas

A couple of weeks ago, we blogged about Facebook dropping the The post from also features a handy tool to enable you to easily adjust your cover image design – enjoy!

creative-cover-imageThis is my favourite… (Image source:

Infographic time

What is one of the main challenges content creators face? Lack of time. According to Uberflip, 73% of content marketers cannot justify spending the time needed to create completely original content.

One solution to this is content curation, and the following infographic from Uberflip shows how curation can be used to establish thought leadership.


Social stat of the week

“Most Facebook sharing happens on Saturdays.” [Source: Dan Zarella, January 2011]



Many companies have now developed an effective social media strategy, posting on Twitter and Facebook throughout each working week. However, don’t forget you can use Facebook’s post scheduler or Hootsuite to schedule posts for the weekend engagement peak seen above.

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