Friday Social Round Up: Facebook Gunman, Promoted Tweets, Amex and Pottermore.

Written by Intern - 24 Jun 2011


Foursquare and Amex Join forces in the U.S

FourSquare  and American Express have got together to save American Express card holders money! The deal is exclusive to America and means card holders will need to sync their cards with their Foursquare accounts in order to get discounts at certain restaurants and shops.

An example of this is if and Amex card holder checks in to H&M and spends over $75 they will get a $10 credit on their card account. Not only does this benefit Amex card holders but as the check-in is synced with the card it is easier to see how many people are using the service, as well as when and how long for.



Now on to what I feel is the most exciting news of the year! After a lot of teasing with an online campaign involving secret co-ordinates on several worldwide Harry Potter fan sites, J.K. Rowling announced yesterday that the mysterious Pottermore website will be an interactive Harry Potter experience. The site, which goes live in October, will include an interactive reading experience of The Harry Potter series with additional content including new material about the characters, places and objects.