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Friday Social Round Up: New Slickr Flickr, Yahoo! Acquire Tumblr, Pinterest’s New Features and Twitter Two-Step Authentication

The round up this week centres around the activity of one very busy and keen-to-be-seen-down-with-the kids search engine, Yahoo! What with their update of Flickr, acquisition of Tumblr, and integration of Twitter there’s no wonder Marissa Mayer didn’t want her employees working from home...

The new, slickr Flickr

On Monday 20 May Flickr suddenly reappeared on our radars with a spectacular update, to remind you that Flickr is all about images.

In the Fresh Egg social team we really are admiring this ambitious update. The photos are much bigger and they can afford to be, with a free terabyte of space for all users. If you’re unsure of the size of a terabyte, Flickr wrote: Well, you could take a photo every hour for forty years without filling one.”

Flickr has also introduced an Activity Feed so users can view friends’ recent uploads, and it has also completely rebuilt the photostream to show off all your photos in as many pixels as possible.

Check out Flickr’s blog for all the information about the update.

flickrImage source: Flickr

Yahoo! acquire Tumblr

Well, Yahoo! has been busy this week. On Monday, Yahoo! (who also owns Flickr) bought micro-blogging site, Tumblr for an estimated $1.1 billion.

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, blogged about the agreement saying: “We promise not to screw it up.” She also said that Yahoo! will operate Tumblr independently and 26-year-old founder of the company, David Karp, will remain CEO.

Tumblr hosts 105 million blogs, with 300 million monthly unique users, according to Mayer. In 2012 Tumblr began rolling out limited use of adverts, and Mayer said Yahoo! would work with Tumblr to create ads that enhance user experience. Yahoo!’s chief financial officer, Ken Goldman has said they will boost Tumblr’s revenue by 2014.

Yahoo! has also recently announced that it plans to integrate Twitter updates into its news front page. Both this and the acquisition of Tumblr are continuing Yahoo!’s battle to be relevant in the social age.

mayer and karp - Copy Image source:

Pinterest’s new features

On Sunday 19May, Pinterest announced two interesting new features for select users that may add potential for advertisers on the platform.

Firstly, Pins with more information. These will encourage advertisers to provide as much information as possible for product, recipe and movie pins. Extra pricing information, availability and where-to-buy information will be optional on product pins. Recipe pins can now include the full ingredients list and cooking instructions and you can add content ratings and cast members to film pins.

Secondly, Pinterest has made the Pin It button available on nine mobile apps of partnered sites. Pinterest is wooing advertisers by partnering with a number of select e-commerce sites on these two initiatives. Pinterest claims that this is just the beginning, with a view to making all pins more useful in the coming months.


Image source:

Twitter introduces two-step authentication

Twitter has finally admitted it might need to upgrade account security, after a series of hacks of high-profile accounts, including the BBC.

Jim O’Leary from Twitter’s product security team announced this new feature in a blog post on Wednesday 22 May. The two-step authentication process requires registering a phone number that can be sent a text with a verification code. Once this is set up, each time you log out and in to Twitter the second step will be required. This won’t, however, affect apps that are linked to Twitter.

twitter-verificationImage source:

Infographic time

It’s hard for us here at Fresh Egg to imagine a life without the internet and it’s easy to forget that not long ago it wasn’t even around. This infographic from takes a look at A Day in the Life of the Internet.

A day in the life of the Internet<a