Friday Social Round Up: Google+ Men vs Women, Cheat Sheet

Welcome to the Social Media Revolution

This video is filled with loads of interesting Social Media facts, such as, if Facebook were a country it'd be the world's 3rd largest, 1 in 5 couples meet online and a new member joins LinkedIn every second.!

Google+ Cheat Sheet

As we are all new to Google+ and still getting used to its interface here is a cheat sheet to help us become Google+ masters.


Google+ isn't just for men

Independent data collector, SocialStatistics, reported earlier this week that 86.8% of all Google+ users are Male, while FindPeopleOnPlus, which collects information from about one million users, says men constitute 73.7% of Google+. Either way, they both indicate that Google+ is, at present, a male dominated network.

As G+ is currently in beta phase it is not surprising that 60% of the users FindPeopleOnPlus sampled, identifed themselves as web developers and software engineers, both predominately male professions.

But will this mean that Google+ will have to work hard to reach the close to 50/50 balance that Facebook has? I don't think so.

It appears that these previously released figures may not actually be that accurate. Paul Allen, founder of, has recently released his own report which estimates that 33% of Google+ users are female. Obviously it still implies that the majority of users are Male, but Allen's report suggest that between July 4, 2011 and July 14, 2011 the number of female users joining the site has increased, lessening the gap between the sexes.

Only time will tell if Google+ will continue to have a largely male user base, but I suspect that once Google+ is out of Beta phase that the ratio will balance out.