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Friday Social Round Up: Twitter Ad Revenue to Hit $1 Billion, Instagram and Bing to Affect Klout score, Vine Update and New Twitter Cards Announced

In this week’s round up of the most sizzling social stories: Twitter’s ad revenue, Instagram and Bing’s relationship to Klout score, the new Twitter Cards, an update to Vine app, Google Nose and more. Read on to become skilled in all things social.

Twitter predicted to increase ad revenue to $1 billion by 2014

The surge in the popularity of mobile marketing could see Twitter rake in almost $1 billion worth of ad revenue over the course of next year according to a report from eMarketer.

According to the forecast, around 53% of Twitter’s ad revenue will come from mobile advertising this year and this will continue to grow over the next few years. These predictions have recently been reassessed due to the increasing interest advertisers have shown for mobile ads on Twitter, along with competitors like Facebook.

Twitter-revenueImage source: eMarketer

Instagram photos and Bing will now affect Klout score

Instagram users have been able to connect their account to Klout for some time, however now Instagram photos will play a role in a person’s overall score which was one of the most requested features from Klout users.

A busy presence on Instagram will now give your Klout score a boost and your most popular photos will also show up in your Klout Moments.

Additionally, it was announced on Thursday that Klout’s partnership with Bing will mean that users will be able to connect their Klout account to Bing. Bing search data is going to start to be integrated into Klout’s algorithm and this will eventually be factored into a person’s Klout score


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New Twitter Cards announced

At an exclusive event on Tuesday, Twitter announced an expansion of the current Twitter Cards to include three new types: App, Product and Gallery.

Twitter Cards are a way of automatically providing more information about a webpage if a user links to it: the creator of the page simply has to add a few lines of HTML and some extra information and the thumbnail will automatically show up in a tweet.

App Cards will offer publishers the ability to display selected information about their app. Product Cards will give the tweet an image and description and Gallery Cards will be for tweets containing more than one picture.

Head of Platform at Twitter, Jason Costa said “The new Cards system lays a foundation that will make it easier for us to develop more types of Cards in the future and allow for greater customization by publishers and developers."

Twitter is also enabling deep-linking for mobile apps. This feature will give users the option to view content from a tweet in a relevant app or be provided with a link to download the app.

To find out more about the new Twitter cards visit

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Vine Update

Last Friday, Twitter updated Vine so that users can embed both their own six second videos and videos created by other users anywhere on the internet. This can be done through the iOS app or from the Vine website. The iOS app has also been updated so users can share other users’ Vines through Twitter and Facebook. To find out how to embed, have a look at the Vine blog.

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Viral video

Promising to be the “new scentsation in search”, Google Nose BETA recently appeared on Google’s homepage claiming to be enable you to “find out how a ghost smells”, through your desktop computer screen. This video introducing Google Nose explains how the product “temporarily aligns molecules to emulate a particular scent” but alas, it was of course, one of Google’s elaborate April Fools’ Day pranks.

Infographic time

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