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Friday Social Round Up: Twitter ‘DVR’ Mode, Facebook Drops 20% Rule, Facebook Page Post Image Upload Update, and is Vine Dying?

This week we find out how Twitter could be enhanced in the future, as well as considering the mortality of Vine. We also have some updates to Facebook that Page owners need to know about and we bring you a new feature of the FSRU, our social stat of the week. Enjoy!

Twitter ‘DVR mode’

Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, wants to enhance Twitter conversations for those catching up on TV programmes or high profile events.

When speaking at the Center for Technology Innovation, he said that Twitter is experimenting with ways to let users to go “back in time” to follow an event on Twitter as if it was happening live. He referred to this functionality as ‘DVR mode’.

Costolo explained that options for tracking social commentary for live events on Twitter are currently very basic for users. The aim is to keep that “roar of the crowd” available, even after an event has passed.

It would be nice to see things like a graphic of spikes in the conversation, what time they happened and be able to scroll back to that time to see what happened at that particular moment."

Dick Costolo.

See the webcast of Costolo’s presentation for more information.

Do you think this will enhance user experience, or is Twitter best left as un-curated as possible?

Dick-Costolo-BrookingsImage source:

Facebook drops 20% cover image rule

Remember when Facebook decided to get serious about text inclusion on cover images? We blogged about the rule–  that meant cover images must not include more than 20% text – back in Facebook Page Terms were updated on Monday 1 July. Brands are now free to add as much text to their cover images as they want. However the rule does still apply to ads and sponsored stories.

It is worth mentioning that while the 20% rule was a bit ridiculous, it’s not a bad idea to bear it in mind when uploading a cover image. Facebook is a social network where users respond well to visual stimulation but the hard sell rarely goes down well.

facebook-cover-imageImage source:

Facebook Page admin image upload update

On Thursday 3 July, Facebook launched the ability for Facebook Page admins to be able to upload their own choice of image to any posts they link to (note the red rectangle in the image below).

This will be useful for brands, since there is often an issue with the wrong image being pulled in alongside a shared link. Have the power to change the image included could mean greater content engagement.


Is Vine dying?

Screenshots from Topsy Analytics have been doing the rounds this week (see below), showing links to Vine are down by a third following the launch of video on instagram-vine-analyticsImage source:


Viral video

This video from Geico Insurance titled ‘Happier than a Camel on Wednesday’ has had more than four million views. We’d say that’s a pretty successful piece of advertising!

Stat of the week

Inspired by the Econsultancy Social Media Statistics Compendium, we’ve decided to start providing you with  a ‘social stat of the week’. To start us off:

68% of Instagram users are female”

[Source: comScore, December 2012]

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