Friday Social Round Up: Twitter Sign-Ups Triple, Are you Moving to 500px? and Web 2.0 Summit

Twitter Sign-Ups Triple since iOS5

Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, announced since the release of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS5, last Wednesday, and the launch of its iPhone 4s two days later, Twitter has seen three-times as many new sign-ups as its rival, Facebook.

The increase is largely due to Twitter being fully integrated with iOS5, allowing users of iPads, iPods and iPhones to send pictures and Google map locations directly to their Twitter profiles.

Costolo also noted that an incredible 250 million tweets were being sent a day, compared to 100 million at the beginning of the year.

Are you leaving Flickr for 500px?

Since 2004, Flickr has dominated the world of photographic sharing.  Many photo-sharing sites have come along, but none have been a contender.  That is, until 500px arrived!

The Toronto-based photo-sharing site is fast becoming a firm favourite among photographers, both professional and amateur alike.

The company, which only had four full-time employees in May, initially attracted most of its users solely through word-of-mouth.

Targeted mainly at professional photographers and highly skilled amateurs, 500px is more focused on getting quality images and establishing itself as the best photography community.

Co-founder, Oleg Gutsol, said: "We see Flickr more as a photo-storage site, where anyone can upload all their photos in one place and share them with their friends."

500px was launched eight years ago on LiveJournal as a community for photography enthusiasts.  Originally photographers had to submit images to 500px for moderation, and the curators would approve the photos depending on image quality.

However, Gutsol and his co-founder, Sobolev, realised this wouldn't work on a larger scale, and in 2009 they started building a website with algorithmic photo evaluation capabilities that would appeal to elite photographers.

A premium account at 500px is only $50 a year and is a great place to build a portfolio.  It also allows users to sell their photos from the site, which charges five per cent commission.

Web 2.0 Summit

In 2010 more data was transmitted over the internet than all previous years up to 2009.

Kirk Skaugen, VP of Intel's Architecture Group, said the transfer of data over the internet is growing faster than ever.

Skaugen said there are currently four billion connected devices worldwide, and it is estimated in 2015 there will be 15 billion, rising steeply to a staggering 50 billion by 2020!

To see more of what Skaugen had to say, watch the video below:

Take the lollipop... I DARE YOU!

Lastly, we couldn't ignore this great example of an amazing Facebook viral campaign.  If you scare easily, beware.  I personally can't wait to see what it is for!