Friday Social Round Up: Twitter Tests New ‘Favourite’, Grab Your Sledgehammer on Facebook and Bing Integrates Klout

Written by David Somerville - 26 Oct 2012

Twitter tests new ‘Favourite’ terms

A story on TheNextWeb reported this week that Twitter has been testing out an alternative for their ‘Favourite’ function. Most tweeters use Favourite as a ‘like’ but also as a way of bookmarking or saving their favourite tweets to read later.

Possibly in response to this dual-functionality for one button, Twitter has been presenting some users with the alternatives ‘Like’ and ‘Star’.

Here’s the example they give for how a ‘Like’ appears:

Twitter Like Button






And the ‘Star’ version:

Twitter Star





Only a handful of users have seen these implementations currently, so watch this space to see whether they get rolled out across the board.

Grab your Sledgehammer on Facebook

Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer Facebook App

Eighties pop legend Peter Gabriel is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his classic album So by allowing fans the chance to recreate a scene from his epic Sledgehammer album.

He’s using a Facebook app which allows you to select a scene from the video then recreate it using a webcam (or upload one made earlier). Fans are then encouraged to vote for their favourite user-generated scenes and the winner will receive a signed and numbered limited edition Peter Gabriel art print and a TDK boombox.

There are already several fan recreations of the weird and wonderful scenes from the video, including a fair amount of incredibly random ones.

Bing integrates Klout into social sidebar

Bing and Klout announced recently that they have formed a partnership, which sees Microsoft’s search engine add Klout’s scores and data to their social sidebar.

Klout have said that the data will be appearing in the ‘People Who Know’ section, stating that “allowing searchers to also see social content related to their search queries offers a more complete picture of the item on the web”.

Here’s an example of how it looks:

Bing and Klout integration








Sadly, the social sidebar has only been launched in the US (despite numerous tweets to @BingUK to ask them when we can have it!), so we will have to keep waiting to test this out for ourselves on this side of the pond.

Viral video

This week’s viral video features ‘The Blob’. Nope, it’s not the man-eating pink jelly, but a fun way to keep you and your friends amused if you have a boat and a big lake to play in.  The video was made to promote a Contour video camera, with participants filming POV shots by holding on to one as they experience The Blob.

This is one of those video where you’ll say “I want to have a go on that”, and it’s already racked up some 1.3 million views.

Infographic time

This week’s infographic is titled How Many Clicks Do Your Tweets Generate? and gives a useful indication of what sort of results you should expect.

It details average click-through rates for tweets while also showing which days can provide more clicks and how time can affect them. It’s handy to give you an idea of expectations of tweets (and especially useful to show clients or your boss when they expect millions of clicks from one tweet!).

Twitter marketing - What results should you expect?