Friday Social Round Up: Twitter Trends, When Social Media Backfires and Facebook Admin Changes

Written by Nazilla Allahiary - 15 Jun 2012

#FSRU video discussion

This week we’ve filmed the social team discussing the stories in the Friday Social Round Up. As always, you can still read the Round Up below.

Twitter’s tailored Trends

Twitter started rolling out ‘tailored Trends’ on Tuesday. This will show users trending topics more relevant to their Discovery tab and top trends list based on who they follow and their location. Twitter’s product manager Sara Mauskopf wrote in a blog post:

“Today we’re improving our algorithms to tailor trends based on your location and who you follow on Twitter ...These Trends lists are tailored for you by default on and mobile apps like Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android.”

Users will still be able to see non-personalised trends by changing their location.

When social media backfires

Last week we talked about the Starbucks Twitter fail, but what happens when social media backfires all on its own? This week we have two examples of social media backfiring and how these pages responded to - or ignored - the situation.

The first example is from the Pukka Pies England Band. The band has been supporting various English sports teams for over ten years. They attend matches and play Rule Britannia and The Great Escape in an aim to boost morale in the stands. However, unfortunately they were banned from England’s Euro 2012 game against France earlier this week.

After expressing their sadness at not being allowed to play their instruments on their Facebook page, the band was bombarded with hundreds of people expressing their true distaste for the band with one user saying:

“Your band is one of the reasons I have not enjoyed watching England over the last five or six years. No one likes you, you freeloading tossers.”

Despite the reaction from fans, including comments appearing on the Pukka Pies UK page and the creation of the Facebook page Keep The England Band Banned (which has more Likes than the band’s own page), Pukka Pies complained to UEFA, who have now made assurances that the band will be allowed to play at future England matches. Well done, Pukka Pies, for your commitment to your marketing campaign: if only the rest of England was so supportive!

The second example is the Belfast City Council Facebook page. A long internet campaign to save a dog called Lennox, who was confiscated by the council in May 2010 due to his similarity to a pit bull, came to sad end on Monday when the Lord Chief Justice decided to euthanise the innocent family pet.

Since then, the Belfast City Council Facebook page has been hit by loads of unhappy animal lovers from all over the world expressing their distaste for them. After initially deleting the comments, Belfast City Council seem to have decided to completely ignore more than 2,000 comments and nearly 4,000 ‘recommendations’ left by people who have now started a Boycott Belfast campaign. The page has not been updated since Monday when the commenting began.

Facebook admin and new reach

As always, Facebook has made some changes. This time, it’s for page managers. Facebook has added new levels of page admin, these being Insights Analyst, Advertiser, Moderator, Content Creator and Manager. These new options will probably be very popular in big companies that need multiple teams to access the Facebook page for different reasons.

In addition to this, Facebook are now providing page admins with reach figures on page posts, which makes monitoring a lot easier.

Microsoft to buy Yammer

It has been reported that Microsoft are looking at purchasing Yammer for $1 billion. The story broke after Sarah Taylor, an administrative manager at Ignition Talent Group, overheard people discussing the takeover in a café across the road from the Yammer offices.

Yammer is a web-based tool that allows employees to work together and share information about projects. This acquisition could propel Microsoft into the social enterprise tool market alongside current market offerings such as, who are already considered Yammer’s top competition.

Viral video

This video has not got to millions of views yet, but I’m sure this Lynx ad will be a viral sensation in the next few weeks.

Infographic time

This week’s infographic takes a look at the Digital Anatomy of the Affluent Male. Do you identify with it?