Friday Social Round Up:Twitter reaches #500million, Flickrs’ Facelift, New Facebook Ads and Facial Recognition Ads.

Flickr gets a facelift

Recently there has been a huge boom in image based social networks. The growth of sites such as 500px, Instagram and Pinterest, along with a

The New Flickr photo view.

reported 6 billion photos uploaded to Facebook each month, means that Flickr, with it's lack of new features or interface, has been left behind.

This is about to change as on February 28th Flickr will start rolling out its new design. The new layout and snazzy HTML 5 loading page will bring Flickr screaming into 2012, silencing any whispers of its future demise. The new ‘Justified’ view is similar to the Google Image search result page; each photo retains its original aspect ratio, meaning less of Flickr’s infamous white space. The new design also has a continuous scroll feature which will make photo viewing much easier and quicker.

To prevent the backlash that is inevitable when any website changes, the old layout will still be an option but the new Justified view will be the default.

The new upload view.

The new HTML 5 upload page will be available from March and will allow users to drag and drop images from their PC'sfolders. Instead of staring at the usual progress bar, users will be able to reorder the position of images in the Photo Stream, tag them, adjust privacy settings, add them to sets and more.

"With a completely new, more application-like experience, we can set a new standard," said Markus Spiering, head of production of Flickr's new uploader.

Another difference is that users will be able to decide which photos are at the top of their Photo Stream; up until now, all images were displayed in chronological order.

These two changes are just the beginning: we can expect to see more changes throughout 2012.

New Facebook ads

Rumour has it that Facebook plans to upgrade its premium ads on February 29th. The company apparently expects the revised ad platform to perform between 40% and 80% better than the current premium ads platform.

Here is the full Facebook premium ad overview.

Facebook Premium Ads Overview


On Wednesday at about 18.06 (GMT) Twitter passed the 500million registered users mark according to statistical monitoring site,TwoPCharts. Fresh Egg was  the first place to report Plan UK, who help children from third world countries, has launched a very unique campaign that raises awareness of the restrictions placed by girls in developing countries. The campaign called “Because I’m a Girl”, is aimed at helping sponsor girls in developing countries receive a proper education and is featured on bus stops in London’s West end.

A high-definition camera scans passer-by’s facial features to determine gender with a 90% success rate, this then determining how much of the advert the viewer sees. Only women are able to see the full advert, which highlights the millions of girls around the world that are denied basic choices such as who they marry, whether they go to school and what they can wear, all basic things we take for granted. Men, meanwhile, are shown a 40second clip, giving them a glimpse at what it is like for girls all over the world who have basic choices taken away.

The display cost an estimated £30,000 and will run for two weeks in the hope of raising £250,000 via donations in the next four months.

Because I’m A Girl campaign video

It seems appropriate to show you the video featured in the Plan UK campaign, although we don’t have the face recognition technology so everyone will see the full version as seen by female viewers.

Infographic time

After another high profile website was hacked this week and usersnames and password were stolen, it’s time to turn to the age old issue of privacy and social media.