Friday Social Round Up: Vine for Android, Vine Gets Rickrolled and First Ever Vine World Record Set

Written by Intern - 07 Jun 2013

Following the long-anticipated release of Vine for Android on Monday, the social media world has become a little obsessed with the Twitter-owned, six-second video app. As such, this week’s Friday Social Round Up celebrates all things Vine.

If you‘re particularly keen on Vine, or just feeling creative, why not embed  your favourite video from the app in the comments section at the end of this round up?

Vine for Android finally released

As previously stated, Monday 3 June saw Vine finally released for Android. Android users have long envied iOS users who had exclusive access to the app since its initial release in January this year.

Vine’s videos – or simply, ‘Vines’ – are described by the app’s co-founder, Dom Hofmann, in the following way:

“They're little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life. They're quirky, and we think that's part of what makes them so special."

Vine was first developed back in June 2012 by a New York based three-some but was never officially launched. Twitter bought the app in October 2012 and launched it for iOS on January 24 2013. It‘s popularity has proved impressive – Vine was the most downloaded free app on the iOS app store in April, and it now boasts more than 13 million users.

Vine for Android shares most of the features found in the iOS version, it but also includes a zoom feature (currently unavailable in the iOS version). However, the Android build doesn’t include some of the newer features within the iPhone app, such as front-facing camera support and hashtags. Twitter has promised these missing features will arrive for Android soon.

To find out more about Vine for Android, see the Vine blog.

Vine gets Rickrolled (and broken)

Monday 3 June also saw a 16 year-old web developer manage to ‘Rickroll’ Vine. The minor somehow bypassed Vine’s six second upload limit and published the full video for Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up (3 minutes and 33 seconds long). This caused Vine app to crash.

The culprit, Will Smidlein, tweeted about the incident, mentioning that Vine engineers had asked him to remove the post. According to The Verge, Smidlein, who has experience developing for Android, had manipulated Vine’s code to execute the Rickroll. Smidlein claimed he did not expect the prank to go viral and later issued an apology via Twitter to Vine’s engineers.


The first ever Vine world record is set

RED is an AIDS-fighting organisation that launched a campaign on Wednesday 5 June, to set the World Record for the most Vine recordings published in a single day, in an effort to raise awareness of the charity’s cause. RED called for as many people as possible to submit a Vine before 11.59 in their local time and tag it with #REDWorldRecord.

This successful record attempt also marked the 32nd anniversary of the day the AIDS infection was first discovered. The campaign gained attention from celebrities and brands, including Bill Gates and Beats by Dr.Dre and this  successful record attempt  saw over 2,800 Vine clips tweeted with the hashtag #REDWorldRecord.

This campaign is an excellent example of how Vine can be used as a creative and community driven platform for users to engage with brands’ campaigns. RED-vine campaign

Viral Vine

Here’s a popular Vine from Jackson Holland that Mashable picked up on back in March, illustrating the creativity you can have with the app.


Infographic time

Finally, in keeping with the Vine theme of this week’s social round up, this infographic from CareWorksTech claims mobile video will represent 66% of global mobile data traffic by 2017. The infographic illustrates why and how you should use Vine for your brand, as well as mentioning how activity on there can be tracked.


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