Friday Social Round Up: Vine, Facebook Q4, #HMVXFactorFiring and #FailWhale

It’s time for Vine

This week, Twitter released a standalone video sharing app for the iPhone called Vine. The app allows users to tweet six second clips that play on a loop, and has proved to be really popular in its first week. Indeed, it has already been used by Sir Paul McCartney, Emmy Rossum and clothing brand Gap, Twitter having acquired the startup company in October 2012 before the app had been released. Users are encouraged to sign in with Twitter, although this is not a requirement. We decided to have a bit of a go ourselves: you can see a Vine of our office below.


Facebook Q4

Facebook released its Q4 figures yesterday, and the biggest discussion point for people has proved to be the growth of Facebook mobile ad revenue. Despite critics saying that mobile would be Facebook’s downfall, the company has grown its mobile ad revenue to 23% of total ad sales. At the end of February last year, the company was making no money through mobile. However, in just ten months that has completely changed, with mobile now making Facebook $305 million a quarter.

The company also has revealed that:

  • On New Year's Day, users uploaded a record-breaking 600 million photos to Instagram
  • Between Facebook's eponymous app and Instagram, the company now accounts for 25% of overall time spent on mobile (as measured by comScore)
  • 42 million users have claimed an offer through Facebook Offers so far
  • Ad revenue grew 43% compared to Q4 2011


A few weeks ago, retailer HMV went into administration. Deloitte, the administrators dealing with the proceedings, is trying to find a buyer for the company, but unfortunately around 190 redundancies were made in the process. While over 60 people were being gathered for a “mass execution of loyal employees who love the brand”, someone hijacked the HMV official Twitter account to live tweet what was labelled the #HMVXFactorFiring. The tweets, which you can see below, were later deleted. Deloitte refused to comment about the incident.



The return of the Fail Whale

There was a time when the Fail Whale would make daily appearances, but I have to admit that I haven’t seen it in a while. However, yesterday (Thursday 31st January) it unexpectedly graced the screens of millions of people worldwide, with Twitter going down for close to three hours from around 3pm.

Users around the globe reported being unable to access the Twitter on both desktop and mobile platforms. At present, Twitter has not released any information regarding the outage.


Viral video

Despite highstreet stores like HMV and Blockbusters closing, gaming is becoming more popular, especially, it seems, among grandparents!

Infographic time

Pinterest seems to be going from strength to strength, but how can you make the most of it for your brand? This inforgraphic contains some great tips to get you going.

Pinterest Best Practices