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Friday Social Round Up: #YouthPCC, Facebook Home, Google Places and Google+ Local Merge, and Facebook Charging Users

This week’s top social stories are again dominated by Facebook as Zuck continues on his journey to world domination. There’s a bit of Google+ thrown in and some lewd tweets for good measure.

Paris Brown steps down as youth PCC

The latest reminder that social media is public record came in the form of the debate surrounding Paris Brown, the offensive tweeter and Youth Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent Police (if only for a brief period).

This came after the Mail on Sunday published messages taken from the 17-year-old’s Twitter account, where she used allegedly racist, homophobic and violent language. Paris Brown has since apologised for these messages and resigned from the position, but Kent police have confirmed they are investigating circumstances further.

Scenarios such as this are fast becoming commonplace. Paris’ story and the coverage it has gained highlights that our online personas are both personal and professional, whether we want them to be or not. Our social media trails have a long-term impact and this is something that should be considered with every post.

Paris Brown (left), the UK's first youth PCC, and Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes

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Facebook Home

Facebook Home is due to be launched on Android in the US today (Friday 12 April). A beta version of the new app was leaked earlier this week but has since been cut off by Facebook.

Facebook Home has been described as a wrapper for Android, meaning it will govern the look and feel of your phone, as well as pulling in Facebook feeds onto the phone’s main screen. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg described it at a presentation as a ‘family of apps’ that would become the ‘home’ of your phone.

Once installed on a phone, Facebook Home takes over the lock screen and main display, turning it into a live feed of information, notifications and images Facebook users are sharing.

Facebook claims Home will be completely immersive and feel like system software, rather than just an app. You can read more about Facebook Home’s features here.


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Google Places upgraded to Google+ Local

Google Places and Google+ Local have caused endless confusion for local business owners but now Google are hopefully putting a stop to this.

Google has now begun the process of transferring Google Places over to Google+ Local. This will make it easier and faster to use, as well as providing integration with Google+ and AdWords Express. This is a good move from Google, as small business advertisers will find value in being able to access listing and AdWords information, as well as being able to engage all in one place. It’s likely this change will increase activity on G+ as a whole.

Google has promised a quick turnaround of these listings from edit to live action as well (between 24-48 hours), so no more waiting around for a silly post card.

To find out more about how your Google Places account will be upgraded, read more here.


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Facebook charging users

Facebook is currently testing a feature charging users up to £11 to contact people outside their social circle and celebrities.

This is an attempt to crack down on spam on the site. The charging system is to be based on an algorithm that calculates how many followers a celebrity has and how many paid messages a person has received in recent weeks.

In January, Facebook was ridiculed for setting a $100 (£61) fee to contact founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook has released a statement describing the update:

The system of paying to message non-friends in their inbox is to prevent spam while acknowledging that sometimes you want to hear from people outside you immediate social circle.

We are testing a number of price points in the UK and other countries to establish the optimal fee that signals importance.


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Viral video

Who knew David Attenborough has been completely wasted on us all this time? All we ever really needed to know about wildlife has been summed up by Mister Epic Mann smashing his face into a table. Check out the ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’ video below.

Infographic time

Still not sure whether it’s worth being active on Google+? Google Authorship alone could prove to be valuable to your business. This infographic from Attwood Digital covers a couple of the key Google+ features that shouldn’t be ignored by businesses.