Friday Social Round Up: YouTube editing, Facebook stalk button, Hangouts gets sign language friendly

YouTubes New Editing Tool

Next Wednesday YouTube are globally rolling out a new and very exciting feature. Users will be able to edit their videos on the site!

YouTube Software Engineer John Gregg revealed a few of the features in his blog post. They include the ability to stabilise hand-held footage, rotate videos and change the colours and contrast. Obviously these editing tools aren't in the same league as professional software such as Final Cut Pro and Avidd.

The feature will also allow you to edit all your uploaded videos at the click of a button, without changing the videos IDs, allowing you to keep the video view counts and comments. All the links to the video will also continue to work after the edit.

Check out how the new features work in this video.

Facebook 'Stalk' Button

I'm all for a bit of casual Facebook stalking, someone who I haven't seen in a while appears on my feed and I wonder "What are they doing now?" whilst clicking over to their profile and clicking though all their photos. Realistically who doesn't? Even my mum, who is not on Facebook and who's favourite slaying is "Bloody Facebook" likes to snoop pictures of people!

But now Facebook has launched a Subscribe button, which I have dubbed the Stalk Button. This button allows people to subscribe to others peoples public updates, whether they are friends or not. Does this not scream *Stalker Alert* to you? If I wanted you to be able to see my status's we would be friends, if we aren't friends it's for a reason like I don't know you well enough or at all.

The new subscription options are Facebooks latests efforts to give users more control over their Facebook accounts and News Feeds, but yet again giving users less privacy.



How Consumers interact with brands on Facebook

Facebook is the leader when it comes to social media interaction between Consumers and Brands according to a recent study of online consumer behaviour conducted by Constant Contact and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey. They analysed 1,491 consumers over the age of 18 in the United States and revealed details about how people interact with brands.

From the research it is apparent that users 'Like' a brand for 2 reasons, they are either a customer or want to receive discounts and promotions. A huge 77% of consumers said they interact with brands on Facebook primarily through reading posts and updates from the brand, whilst only 17% said they interacted with brands by sharing experiences and news stories with other and only 13% post about brands they like.

There were some more encouraging findings though.

  • 56% of those asked said that since 'Liking' a brand on Facebook they were more likely to recommend the brand to a friend;
  • 51% said they were more likely to buy a product from after 'Liking' them;
  • 78% of the people questioned who 'Likel brands say they 'Like' fewer than 10 brands.

The full study can be seen here:

Google+ Hangouts and sign language

Here is a video explaining the new improvements.

Yet another Infographic