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Friday Social Round Up: YouTube Trends Map, Celeb Ads on Instagram, #ThankYouSirAlex and New Features of Topsy Pro

This week we take a look at the new YouTube Trends Map, find out how celebs are using Instagram for advertising, thank Sir Alex and meet loveable local hero Charles Ramsey.

YouTube Trends Map

On Tuesday 7 May, YouTube launched a Trends Map so users are able to see which videos are popular across the US.

You can also view what’s popular with different age groups and genders, as well as breaking the map down to videos being shared or just viewed. The videos on the map are listed down the right-hand side along with the number of views and how many regions they’re being viewed in.

YouTube claim that the Trends Map has come about as a result of user feedback and, though it is only available for the US currently, we should “stay tuned for updates”.

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Celebrities posting promotional ads on Instagram

Instagram is one of the few social media platforms that still does not feature advertising anywhere on the site, particularly surprising since Facebook’s acquisition of the platform just over a year ago.

However, brands and celebrities have taken advertising on Instagram into their own hands and are regularly posting promotional photos that offer no benefit to Instagram itself. Celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Beyonce have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and are using the platform to make sponsored posts for companies they are brand advocates for.

This is happening more frequently but with varying levels of disclosure (any advertising must be marked as such), which means there are likely to be more instances of the Advertising Standards Authority getting involve

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Manchester United’s PR team are no fools. On Wednesday 8 May, the football team’s press office decided to break the news of Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement with an official tweet, complete with hashtag.

Within an hour of the tweet, it had been mentioned more than 1.4 million times on Twitter, and a few hours after the news broke the topic took eight of the top ten trending topic spots for the UK. At its peak, there were over 13,000 tweets per minute on the subject. The club also encouraged fans to post tributes on its Facebook page. The latter may be published in a commemorative book, a signed copy of which is also available to win.

Quite an impressive social media strategy, especially when you consider that Sir Alex only posted one tweet concerning the matter and rarely uses social media.

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New features of Topsy Pro

Topsy is a social media tool used to monitor conversations and sentiment around a particular brand, product or name.

New features launched by the tool’s premium version Topy Pro this week include the ability for users react to content in real-time and monitor negative tweets with live statistics. This means that a potential PR crisis stands a better chance of being averted (something that a lot of brands seem to be struggling with lately).

Other new features include amplifying marketing campaigns by watching conversations and identifying key influencers to engage with. Topsy users are also able to track competitor conversations in order to identify negativity and then offer alternative solutions.

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Viral video

There’s no doubt that the US loves a local hero. On Tuesday 7 May, it was reported that Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus and Michelle Knight had escaped from a house in Cleveland after ten years in confinement. An interview with neighbour Charles Ramsey, who tells how he helped the women escape in his own unique way, was shown on a number of news channels and has since had over 5 million views on YouTube (and has also been made into a song).

Infographic time

Now the weather has started to improve, we are actually considering venturing outside our houses again. Whether you’re planning a social event or organising a conference or networking session, social media can play a vital role in attracting attendees. This infographic from Eventility identifies a number of ways social media can help boost an event.

social media and events