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Google and Bing Search Improvements, Facebook's F8 Conference, Pinterest Guided Search and More – Digital Marketing News

Hello and welcome to Fresh Egg’s Digital Marketing News. In this edition, we talk about title tags, Google’s new restaurant filter, PostJoint’s penalisation, The F8 conference, Pinterest Guided Search and the potential death of Google Plus.

Why and when Google will ignore your title tag

In response to a couple of questions on page titles, Matt Cutts posted a video explaining why and when Google will change the page title snippet found within its search results.

Google uses three criteria when determining if it should use your title tag. A title tag must:

  • Be ’relatively‘ short
  • Have a good description of the page and, ’ideally‘, the site that the page is on
  • Be relevant to the query

If your existing title tag fits the above criteria, then Google will most likely use it. However, if it does not, or it struggles to find it, then, Google may use:

Watch the full video below:

This information follows on from the change in pixel length as part of the Google search results redesign. More information (and a helpful preview tool) can be found on –

Bing and Google announce search result improvements

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Bing has announced that hotels and restaurants displayed in its SERPs now come with TripAdvisor reviews, contact information and the opportunity to go straight to booking a reservation from its search results. This can be seen highlighted below.

The search can be found here.

Google also has announced that users can now filter restaurant searches by opening times, price, ratings, and cuisine from within its search results. The official Google announcement can be found here.

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Google penalise the guest post network PostJoint

After targeting MyBlogGuest with a penalty in March, Google has followed up by penalising the guest blogging network PostJoint on 18 April 2014. Matt Cutts confirmed it on Twitter by responding to a tweet about the penalty:

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Although PostJoint claimed to have zero footprints following the MBG penalty, it is clear from the fallout that Google is able to prove it can find relationships between websites. As seen by the above tweet, any network that proclaims its footprints aren’t detectable is waving a ‘giant red flag‘ to Google and its team.

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Pinterest Guided Search

Pinterest has launched a new feature to move further towards offering a full image search engine service. When searching, Pinterest will now offer users descriptive guides to help steer your search in a certain direction – known as Pinterest Guided Search. However, the emphasis is on offering ideas and exploration rather than trying to match your search intent.

Hui Xu, head of the discovery team at Pinterest says: “The guides are there to get you where you want to go, but the best part is leaving a little room for serendipity.”

This is being rolled out to mobile first and then to web further down the line. Pinterest is focusing on the app as a means to distract users and keep them using it for longer. Pinterest users already spend an average of 98 minutes on Pinterest per month (The State of Pinterest, Dec 2013) and for brands looking to inspire and refer users from Pinterest, time could equal money.

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Is Google+ actually dying?

Well no, probably not, but it’s quite possible it is being scaled back. This is the question being asked after Google’s Vic Gundotra, ‘the father of Google+’, announced he would be leaving after eight years. According to TechCrunch, there will be a reshuffle, moving teams away from Google+ and towards Android as a platform. Google+ is integrated with YouTube, Gmail and other Google products and this could now be re-evaluated. It is likely that Google+ will still be around, but will not continue to be pushed by Google as a ‘product’. It is too early to tell what this could mean for authorship and publisher mark-up and how this could affect search, but we will be keeping track of any changes and are interested to see what will happen.  

To further complicate the matter, there have been many denials of this from the Google and Google+ team. A spokesperson told the Huffington Post:

“Today's announcement has no impact on our Google+ strategy – we have an incredibly talented team that will continue to build great user experiences across Google+, Hangouts and Photos".

Facebook expands Business Manager

On Monday 28 April, Facebook announced it is expanding Business Manager out to larger advertisers on Facebook. Business Manager offers all ad accounts, pages, apps and permissions in one place, and more control over these. To find out more on Facebook Business Manager, see the Facebook for business news section.

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The Facebook F8 Conference

At Facebook’s F8 developer conference keynote on 30 April, Mark Zuckerberg and his team announced many new products and capabilities for developers. Not only is Facebook changing its mantra but it is also releasing:

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These features all look to make Facebook the glue between connected online experiences across multiple devices. For example, App Links could replace the need to leave an app and go onto a browser to find more information or buy a product/service; the new mobile ad network will allow businesses and brands to target audiences within different apps; and the anonymous login will allow users to trial apps without giving away any personal information. Mashable has a handy round-up of all the announcements at F8 here.

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