Google Rolls Out Mobile-Friendly Update, Facebook Reaches 4 Billion Daily Video Views and Changes to Twitter’s Promoted Tweets – Digital Marketing News

In this fortnight’s digital marketing news, we talk about Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’, Facebook statistics, Twitter’s firehose to Google and design changes to Promoted Tweets.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly update is here

On Tuesday 21 April ‘Mobilegeddon’ hit Google mobile SERPs. But was it the explosion of upheaval we expected to see? Early results are saying… not so much.

Google has previously said this was a slow roll out, so we can expect further changes within the mobile SERPs in the next couple of weeks. This update only affects search rankings on mobile rankings and applies to individual pages, not entire websites.

You can see more information on the mobile-friendly update on our blog post here, or have a look at Google’s FAQ on the update.

Twitter’s ‘firehose’ to Google will be turned on in May

Announced back in February, Twitter has confirmed the ‘firehose’ of public tweets will be accessible to Google, starting in May 2015.

This gives Google a significant reach into public opinion, breaking news and social data, while allowing Twitter to improve the experience of logged-out users and increase the amount of people seeing the content within Twitter’s platform. This then allows the social platform to either monetise this logged-out audience through native adverts, or to get them to sign up for Twitter itself.

Facebook reaches 4 billion video views a day

Back in its quarterly earnings report, Facebook announced a ridiculous amount of stats, which can be seen in the image below:


To summarise:

  • 1.44 billion active monthly Facebook users
  • 800 million people using WhatsApp per month
  • 300 million people on Instagram each month

But one of the biggest statistics for us marketing-types was the 4 billion daily video views. For a platform that only seriously got into a video a year ago, 4 billion is approaching YouTube territory – and at a rapid pace. With further information coming out that Facebook video is bigger than YouTube for brands and 75% of all video views coming from mobile devices, we all need to consider Facebook as a video heavyweight.

Since this announcement, Facebook has announced a programme that will pair brands with video publishers to create video advertising on Facebook entitled Anthology.

However, YouTube is going nowhere. YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki recently announced that it is ‘now reaching more people in the 18-49 year old age demographic on mobile than any TV network is’.

Design changes to Twitter’s Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets are ordinary tweets that can be promoted to reach a larger audience and drive a particular action via Twitter.

They used to look like this:


However, now the orange arrow icon and ‘Promoted by…’ text has been removed, with the hope that its native advertising content will look a bit more native


And, did you know you can now buy Promoted Tweets within Google DoubleClick bid manager?

Introducing Bing’s Shopping Campaigns

Currently in beta, Bing is rolling out its Shopping Campaigns within Bing Ads to a limited number of advertisers, and within the next few months, all other advertisers.

Bing’s Shopping Campaigns are Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Shopping Ads within AdWords. Although there is no unique capability in comparison to AdWords, it does allow you to import your Google Shopping campaigns to make the initial setup as easy as possible.

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