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Google Search Console, Twitter Audience Insights Upgrade, iOS Indexing and YouTube Shopping Ads – Digital Marketing News

In this fortnight’s digital marketing news, we talk about the updates to Twitter’s Audience Insights, Google Search Console, new YouTube shopping adverts and iOS indexing in Google.

Twitter updates Audience Insights

The Audience Insights within Twitter Analytics have been upgraded to provide more information to advertisers, brands and users. The new features include better information for demographics, interests and device usage, and also introduce information on wireless carriers, marital status, television-viewing preferences and more.

The new demographics tab from our own analytics

There are comparisons to the total US audiences and their data available but, unfortunately, this is only US data at this moment in time. We can hope they roll it out to other countries soon so we can compare to the UK and Australia. It looks like our Twitter followers really like their drama and reality shows…

The above screenshots are taken from our own Twitter analytics. Why not give us a follow if you don’t already?

You can find more information on the updated Audience Insights on Twitter’s official blog.

Google Webmaster Tools is now Google Search Console

In order to attract a greater amount of users, Webmaster Tools has been re-named as Search Console, with a total re-brand coming soon to the platform.

Initially, there were no changes made to any of the tools within Webmaster Tools/Search Console. However, since the renaming, Google has revealed app data and functionality for the Search Analytics, Fetch as Google and Crawl Error tools. Similar to the existing Search Analytics report, the updated version allows you to sort by clicks, impressions, average SERP positions and click-through-rates for your app in organic search. As well as this, both the Crawl Error and Fetch as Google tools report any errors your app may have such as content mismatch and crawl errors. This will come in even more use thanks to the below announcement from Google.

iOS App Indexing in Google search results

Not satisfied with showing information and content from Android apps, Google has announced it will now be able to pull relevant content from iOS apps. This gives an even greater number of users the chance to open mobile apps straight from Google Search.

Although limited to a small amount of partners initially, the announcement blog post tells you how to enable App Indexing for your iOS app as soon as it is rolled out to everyone.

Image source:

Take a look at our guide on implementing App Indexing for Google Search here.

Another update you will see in search engine results is the now-live Google/Twitter deal, which shows Twitter content within Google’s search results for a number of results. This is and mobile-only at this moment in time but Google has said it will roll out to desktop users in the near future.

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YouTube TrueView shopping ads

As part of the move from annotations to cards, Google has announced a new advertising format within YouTube called TrueView.

“TrueView for shopping allows you to showcase product details and images – along with the ability to click to purchase from a brand or retail site – all within your video ad” – Avi Fein, Product Manager, YouTube Ads. You can find an example image to the new adverts here.

The responsive ads will enable brands to connect users to their products – whether it is for further information or to meet an intent to buy after viewing the video. These adverts can also be part of your retargeting campaign and have their own customised CTA. You can find more information on the official announcement here.

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