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Instagram Rolls Out Adverts, Pinterest Announces Buyable Pins, Twitter DM’s Remove Character Limits and Improvements to Apple Maps – Digital Marketing News

In this fortnight’s digital marketing news, we cover Instagram adverts, Pinterest’s new Buyable Pins, Apple Maps improvements and Twitter to remove the character limit on direct messages.

Instagram rolls out advertising plans

Following the small advert rollout from Instagram over the past year and a half, it is now focusing on three key areas:

• Action-oriented formats
• Targeting capabilities
• Making it easier for businesses large and small to buy ads on Instagram

The below examples show the direct response adverts that include external links via the four CTAs: Shop Now, Install Now, Learn More and Sign Up.

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Instagram is working with Facebook to enable advertisers (both large and small) easy access to not only create adverts but use Facebook’s extensive targeting options, such as demographics, custom email lists, and interests.

Alongside these plans for advertising, Instagram has announced a new desktop design that makes all photos much larger and easier to view. Profile pages have also been given a makeover that is reminiscent of VSCO’s Grid. The below example is from National Geographic’s Instagram page.

You can find more information on Instagram’s advertising plans in its official blog post here.

Pinterest’s Buyable Pins

Another company rolling out its advertising and monetisation plans is Pinterest, with the announcement of ’Buyable Pins‘. These will allow users to buy directly from sellers through Pinterest.

Later this month, iOS users in the United States will start seeing blue Buyable Pins alongside the normal red pins. Users will be able to pay with Apple Pay and credit cards directly on Pinterest.

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There will be the option to view products by different colours. Pinterest will not be taking a cut of the sale, nor will the social network earn commission. However, brands and retailers will need to pay for these pins to appear in users’ feeds.

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Twitter DM’s to remove 140 characters

From July onwards direct messages on Twitter will no longer be limited by 140 characters. This change will support social media strategists and brand customer service teams in answering customer queries and complaints in an easier, quicker fashion.

Twitter has been quick to confirm that this change will not affect public facing tweets and that there are no plans to change this.

Apple upgrades Maps with search capabilities

Alongside a public transport feature, Apple has announced a feature that allows users to search and browse for nearby businesses by name or category and provides information on whether the business offers Apple Pay services. A bit self-serving, yes, but it may provide an alternative to Google and Yelp, especially with Siri’s conversational support.

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