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Man Complains About British Airways with Promoted Tweet, Facebook Proposes Update to Data Use Policy and Topsy Indexes all Tweets: Social Media News

There’s a great story this week about a disgruntled British Airways customer actually paying to advertise his complaint on Twitter, as well as another Facebook update causing privacy concerns. Plus, social search tool Topsy releases a new feature allowing users to search all tweets since the birth of Twitter.

Man complains about British Airways with Promoted Tweet

After British Airways allegedly lost his father’s luggage, Twitter user Hasan Syed (@HVSVN) decided to buy a Promoted Tweet for $1,000 to complain about the company.

The tweet (see below) which, according to Syed, was promoted to all of BA’s followers gained nearly 77,000 impressions and 14,600 engagements according to the campaign metrics, tweeted by Syed on Tuesday 3 September.

british-airways-promoted-tweetImage source:

British Airways did not publically engage with Syed on Twitter during the time the tweet was live (around 24 hours) but Syed removed the Promoted Tweet and then posted a message saying “I got what I wanted. I win.”

If he did indeed get what he wanted, which was merely his father’s luggage to be returned, then it seems this was a pretty successful campaign on his part.


Facebook proposes update to data use policy

Facebook announced last week that it is proposing updates to its data use policy and statement of rights and responsibilities.

As part of this update, Facebook has made it clear that if this proposal goes ahead:

“your name, profile picture and content may be used in connection with ads or commercial content.”

If you use Facebook you will be granting the company permission to use your information in this way and the only way to opt out would be to delete your account.

Facebook has said it will be carefully considering feedback provided about this update over the next seven days. This was seven days ago and, as you can expect, the feedback has been overwhelmingly negative. It will be interesting to see if Facebook now does a U-turn (as it did with Instagram) or if it completely ignores this feedback.

To find out more about the update, see Facebook’s announcement.


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Topsy has indexed all tweets

Social search engine and trend analysis tool Topsy has announced that it has indexed every single tweet ever sent since Twitter launched in 2006, and that it can now provide users access to this information.

The platform is currently offering users the chance to try this for free. Tweets can be searched via a number of search parameters and results include a user’s sentiment score, which can be viewed for certain time frames. For a list of powerful Twitter searches you can carry out on Topsy’s indexed tweets, see this great blog post from Cyprus North.

Topsy is one of only four Certified Resellers of Twitter’s data, but with this update, Topsy can provide a much greater level of data than even Twitter can itself.


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Social stat of the week

Argos is the top retail brand on social media in the UK

[Source: Headstream, June 2013]


Infographic time

What does the future of marketing look like? This infographic from Optimal Targeting looks at how we have evolved in communication and how this should influence your marketing activities.

The Future of Marketing

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