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Right to Be Forgotten Starts Rolling Out, Vine Introduces Loop Counts, and Is Twitter Testing a Buy Button? – Digital Marketing News

Hello and welcome to Fresh Egg’s digital marketing news. In this edition, we talk about: the rollout of right to be forgotten requests, loop counts from Vine, a new Pinterest follow button and Twitter’s test of a ‘buy now’ button.

Google starts rolling out ‘right to be forgotten’

Following the EU right to be forgotten’ ruling a couple of weeks ago, Google has started rolling out notices to websites that certain pages can no longer be found within its search results for certain searches. For example, if a person has submitted a request to remove a particular article about themselves to Google, and it is accepted, this article will no longer show up in the SERPs.

There are already cases of the below message appearing in search results; you may see it when searching for your own name.

However, there have already been errors from Google. The Guardian and the BBC questioned some of its removal decisions, leading it to reverse these decisions after further scrutiny. Unfortunately, the guidelines around this are still highly debateable and we expect to see further conversation around what should or should not be ‘forgotten’ in the near future.

Vine loop counts

Previously, to gauge how popular a Vine video was, analysis was limited to comments, re-vines and Twitter interactions, such as retweets. Vine has recently announced you can now view the loop counts of your Vine, enabling users and advertisers to see the actual number of views a video has received.

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It is worth noting that this loop count only shows the total number of views the Vine has received – there is no differentiation between unique users. For example, if one person watches a video on loop 10 times in a row, this will count as 10 loops.

Vine has also revealed that any videos produced before 3 April 2014 will not show accurate loop counts as it was not tracking loops before this date.

The official blog post can be found here.

Twitter is testing a ‘buy now’ button

In a similar design to the download button, Twitter is now testing a ‘buy now’ button. Although exactly what this button will do is not known to us yet, it shows Twitter is continuing to look at further advertising formats.

For more information, read this Mashable article.

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Pinterest updates it's follow button

Pinterest has made some changes to its follow button in order to make it easier to find and follow brands, businesses and users on Pinterest when browsing other websites. This allows users to follow a Pinterest account without having to leave the website they are on.

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More information can be found on the official Pinterest Business blog.

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