The Search News Round Up: Google Shopping for Suppliers, Paid YouTube Subscriptions, GWMT Bug, Free GA API, Google Analytics Solution Gallery and More

Google Shopping for Suppliers in beta

Google is currently testing its business to business shopping division with its own Google Shopping for Suppliers. It was quietly rolled out to the electrical and electronics industries approximately two weeks ago and is currently only available in the USA.

Google Shopping for Suppliers doesn’t rely on the same technology that Google Shopping does, and policies on pricing, payments, shipping, taxes and returns and refunds have either been modified or no longer apply.

Google Verified Suppliers must pay a one-off fee of $1000 to join but are guaranteed to have their products placed above those of non-verified suppliers as well the presence of as a verified badge on their listings.

Google Shopping for Suppliers Beta

Paid subscriptions coming to YouTube soon

A small number of channel producers have been approached by YouTube to see if they would be interested in offering a paid subscription service.

Reports suggest that the channel owners would be able to offer a monthly fee of between $1-5. Once paid, you would expect to gain access to content libraries, live events and/ or pay-per-view videos at your disposal.

The paid service is expected to be rolled out in Q2 this year, and could be officially unveiled at Digital Content NewFronts at the end of April.

New search by region feature in Google Flights

If you are unsure of which airport you want to fly to, are not too fussy or would simply like to view your options, you can now view airports by region, which can reveal lots of money-saving options.

For example, if you want to fly from New York to London, you no longer have to search specifically for “New York John F Kennedy Int” to “London Gatwick”. Instead, simply search the locations and a list of New York and London airports are displayed, with the cheapest flight at the top of the list.

Preferences bug found in Google Webmaster Tools

A bug in Google Webmaster Tools that doesn’t allow users to change their email notification settings has been found.

When you first sign up to Webmaster Tools, Google recommends that you change your settings to allow Google to notify you by email when you receive a message in Webmaster Tools.

However, webmasters are complaining that when they change their settings and click save, the settings are inexplicably reset and a message saying “You've disabled email notifications” pops up.

Google Webmaster Tools Message Preferences Bug

The Webmaster Tools team are now aware of the issue and are trying to fix it, but there is no hint of a timescale.

Pricing for Google AdWords API now simplified: FREE!

Google has been reading and taking on board API users’ feedback and have decided to offer it for free.

The pricing structure will be scrapped in favour of the new free model on 1 March.

There will be two levels of API access available: “Basic” and “Standard”. Basic will allow for up to 10,000 operations a day while Standard has no daily limit but you have to apply to become one of their qualified developers.

You can apply to be a Google qualified developer here.

Google Analytics updates: Google Analytics Solution Gallery and SiteApps

There were two key updates to Google Analytics last week.

First was the Google Analytics Solution Gallery, which hosts the top dashboards, advanced segments and custom reports so that they can be quickly and easily imported into the user’s own account in order to see how their website is performing on key metrics.

Cited as being great for both new users and more advanced ones who are short on time, given example uses included a social sharing report, publisher dashboard and engaged traffic advanced segment.

Google Analytics Solution Gallery

In addition to this, Friday saw the announcement of SiteApps, which enables businesses to get instantaneous and free recommendations on how best to optimise their websites based on their Google Analytics data.