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Twitter’s ’Retweet with Comment‘, YouTube’s Ad-Free subscription service, and Google’s changes to in-depth articles – Digital Marketing News

In this fortnight’s digital marketing news, we talk about Twitter’s updates to quoting, its apps, homepage and new tool Curator, Google’s changes to in-depth articles and YouTube’s ad-free subscription service.

Twitter’s new ’Retweet with Comment‘ feature

Twitter has updated its quote tweet functionality, giving users the option to add a comment to the retweet, thus bypassing the 140 character limit that typically came with quoting tweets.

This comes as more and more users were creating tweetstorms – a group of 5-15 tweets that are sent in quick succession, creating mini-essays on Twitter and bypassing the 140 character limit – using screenshots as responses, using websites such as Twitlong and quoting tweets but losing the original context.

Twitter viewed this as bad because it made conversations hard to follow, added more confusion to new users in how to use Twitter, and in some cases took people away from Twitter itself.

The below example from Innocent shows what a quoted tweet in Twitter looks like, and there have already been creative ways to utilise this new function, for example this poem/story. You are currently unable to embed these tweets, but we can expect this functionality soon.

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Twitter has been busy over the last two weeks, bringing in multiple changes including:

Google makes changes to In-depth articles

Google has rolled out changes to the format of the in-depth articles it displays within SERPs, removing the title, images and adding the full URL into the results. Google has said this is to increase consistency and streamline the results within the SERP.

You can find more information on this article.

An ad-free YouTube subscription service?

In the next few months YouTube will be rolling out a $10 a month subscription service that removes all adverts from YouTube and enables users to download videos for offline watching. There may also be lower price subscriptions for categories, such as music or children’s programming. Although this has not been formally announced by YouTube, it has been confirmed in letters to YouTube partners and on an official FAQ.

YouTube partners will receive a percentage of the subscription revenue, the same 55% that they currently receive from advertising revenue. As well as this, The Verge reported: “there will also be the opportunity to put their videos behind a paywall so that only subscribers to the premium version can see them”.

We can expect official information and more details of this subscription service later this year.

Google’s mobile-friendly ranking factor is less than one week away

Have a look at our blog post on the upcoming Google update and mobile usability for more information on what you should do to make sure your website is ready.

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