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Twitter Updates, ASA Fights Paid Links, New Google Penalty and More - Digital Marketing News

Fresh Egg will now be producing the weekly news bi-weekly and bringing together stories from the entire spectrum of the digital marketing world.

This week, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) reminds the internet about advertising rules on blogs, there is a new Google manual penalty on images, Twitter adds custom timelines, the first Instagram advert appears and there are new Facebook buttons. Read on to find out more.

The ASA joins the fight against paid links

In 2010, the ASA started working with Google to make sure websites disclosed if they were being paid to advertise something on their website. Now, the ASA has reminded bloggers to be up -front with their audience about whether the review has been paid for. To put it simply, if you are given money to promote a product or service, you have to ensure readers are aware they are being advertised to.

This reminder is due to the ASA receiving a steady amount of questions from bloggers wanting clarity on the issue.

The ASA has said it is serious about enforcing these rules and will name and shame offenders in a list of non-compliant websites which have broken the rules. They will also investigate the advertiser in question, and hold them accountable for the lack of clarity if disclosure if not given.

More information can be found on the ASA website.

New Google penalty: image mismatch

Google has announced there is a new manual action called ’image mismatch‘. This is to penalise websites if their images are displayed differently within Google’s search results than on the actual site. 

This means websites that are using anti hot-linking measures could be at risk of receiving this manual penalty if incorrectly implemented.

If your site has been victim of the image mismatch penalty, it will be reported within the ‘Manual Actions’ tab in Google Webmaster Tools. To revoke this penalty, you must submit a reconsideration request to Google in order for them to review your site.

If you are worried that your site has been hit by a manual penalty from Google, contact our SEO team here or give us a call on 0845 373 1071. 

Further information on this penalty can be found within Google’s Webmaster Tools help section

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Twitter updates

Over the past few weeks, Twitter has been busy making small customisations to the platform. Find out what you need to know about these updates below.

Custom timelines

Twitter has created a feature called custom timelines in TweetDeck, which can be named and also include a written description.  Once you’ve created the custom timeline (which is public), all you need to do is drag and drop your chosen tweets into it.

But why would you want to do this? The timeline can be embedded on your website and it will sit on its own page on, which means you can share a link to it with your followers. For a good example of custom timelines in action, Politico has created a tweet hub on its website that includes three custom timelines related to its industry.

For more about how to use custom timelines in TweetDeck, see this handy Twitter blog post.

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 Self-service advertising platform

On Thursday 14 November, Twitter launched self-service advertising for small to medium businesses in the UK. This means the Twitter ad platform will now be more accessible and more affordable.

Ravi Narasimhan, product manager at Twitter, says: 

“Best of all, you will only be charged when people follow your Promoted Account or retweet, reply, favorite or click on your Promoted Tweets. You are never charged for your organic Twitter activity.”

To find out more about how to amplify your tweets, sign up to Twitter Ads or get in contact with the Fresh Egg social media team.

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New Facebook Like and Share buttons

Last week Facebook announced it would be rolling out new designs to the Like and Share buttons.

Read the blog post on Econsultancy from our head of social media, David Somerville, to find out what this means for your Facebook marketing.

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Instagram’s first sponsored post

Last month, Instagram announced it would tentatively begin to roll out ads on the platform. On Friday 1 November, the platform’s first ad was rolled out for fashion designer Michael Kors. 

This was shown to a select demographic in the US and, according to Nitrogram, generated engagement levels four times higher than normal for standard Michael Kors posts. There is no evidence that this led to an increase in sales, however it did gain the brand 33,000 new followers – not bad for increased awareness.

To find out more about the ad’s activity, see Econsultancy’s blog post.

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