Google Adds Author Attribution and Embedded Posts, Facebook Gives Broadcasters Access to Data, Delicious Undergoes Rebuild, and Twitter announces IPO: Social Media News

Written by Intern - 27 Sep 2013

Google Adds Author Attribution and Embedded Posts, Facebook Gives Broadcasters Access to Data, Delicious Undergoes Rebuild, and Twitter announces IPO: Social Media News

This fortnight has been packed with social  platform news: Twitter has announced  plans for its IPO (initial public offering), while Facebook has launched a set of tools to help it compete with Twitter for real-time media relevance.

Additionally, Google announced two updates for authorship and embedded posts. We’ll also take a look at an infographic about the rise of the Facebook hashtag.

Let’s go!

Google adds author attribution and embedded posts

Google+ sign in and Google Authorship  have now been integrated, making it easier for content to be attributed to the original author. With this author attribution update, any content published from a WordPress or Typepad account which is connected to a Google+ profile will now automatically display the authors name, profile picture and a link to their G+ account in SERPs.

Google has commented:

“With this association in place, we can look for ways to surface your info when it's most relevant. For example, today users may see your name, picture and/or a link to your Google+ profile when your content appears in Search, News and other Google products”.

Hot on the heels of Twitter, Google has also announced the introduction of embedded posts meaning Google+ posts can now be featured easily on third party websites. The embedded posts are fully interactive which means people can +1, comment and follow from them.

Google embedded post

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Delicious to relaunch: a new and improved version?

To celebrate 10 years in operation, social bookmarking site Delicious has announced that it is to re-launch  and has provided the web with a sneak peak at the radical rebuild. The changes – which are currently only available in beta mode – include a new streamlined single-column layout, and new features including searchable links (which can be filtered by tags) and a personalised discover feed.

Delicious describes the new design as very much “a work in progress “ but says the changes were informed by their users: “We listened to your feedback… adding new features, improving current ones and even bringing back a few old favourites”.

Delicious redesign

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Facebook vies for media relevance by giving broadcasters access to data

Facebook is seeking a slice of media pie á la Twitter, introducing new tools to help journalists and other organisations integrate Facebook conversations into their broadcasts. The newly introduced public feed API tool will display public posts in real-time for any word or hashtag, while the keyword API will display the total number of posts published within a specified time frame. The keyword API also allows users to organise results by age, gender and location.

Facebook public API

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The tools are initially being rolled out to a selected number of media partners including Buzzfeed, CNN, NBC’S Today Show and BskyB. Facebook says “We are committed to building features that improve the experience of discovering and participating in conversations about things happening in the world right now, including entertainment, sports, politics and news”.

Social stat of the week

Social networking sites now reach 82% of the world’s online population.

rise of global social networking audience


Twitter announces plans for IPO

Last week Twitter revealed it is preparing to go public by submitting “an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO”. Twitter is the last of the ‘big four’ social channels (also including Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest) to do so and the move has caused ripples in the industry as many predict it will mean major change for the platform.

Twitter is currently valued at more than $10 billion and reportedly had $350 Million revenue last year – it will be interesting to see how the planned IPO will affect these figures.


Infographic time

This infographic charts the journey of the Facebook hashtag since its introduction.

Introducing the #FACEBOOKHASHTAG


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