Top 20 infographics for Social Media 2011 - part 1 of 4

In a world where we are over-saturated with information, infographics are a fantastic way to tell a great story and communicate complex ideas in a clear, and visually appealing way. They should be simple enough to read, but creative enough to make you look twice. We’ve collected the 20 best examples of Social Media infographics in 2011, and will be sharing these over the next four days, in order of how well they provide us with information, and how aesthetically pleasing they are!

20. Social Media Marketing by the Numbers

Social Media Marketing by the Numbers

It's all about the numbers: this infographic showcases social media campaigns from six big brands  (e.g. Old Spice and Under Armour) across the various platforms, with their success measured in views, clicks, tweets, and hashtags.  You can see the distribution of social media marketing statistics among top social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and location-based services.

19. Changes in Facebook Insights

Changes in Facebook Insights

With all the new changes happening  to Facebook at the moment, it's especially important for businesses to know what these changes actually mean for them.  This infographic is a very simple, compact way to detail all the changes to Facebook insights.

18. The Rise of Facebook Mobile

The Rise of Facebook Mobile

Facebook recently announced the site now has 150 million mobile users worldwide.  This infographic looks at the rise of Facebook mobile, and compiles a number of the most interesting facts and figures, such as social networking apps being the fastest growing category of all apps, with download rates increasing by 240% in the last year.

17. The Blogging World

The Blogging World

According to BlogPulse, there were more than 164 million blogs in July 2011, however only 11% of bloggers are earning their primary income from blogging.  66% of bloggers use personal satisfaction to measure their success.  This infographic covers some of the interesting facts about Blogging World.

16. The Linkedin. Profile

The Linkedin. Profile

A few years ago, professional networking meant emailing your CV to friends, or friends of friends, who could help you get your dream job.  Lab42 wanted to demonstrate that LinkedIn is valued as professional networking too, so they surveyed 500 Americans who were registered LinkedIn users to discover how they utilised their profile and to see if they valued LinkedIn.