Top 20 infographics for Social Media 2011- part 3 of 4

We're now inside the top ten of our infographic countdown, which all demonstrate compelling data, rich graphics, and a viral title.

10. The Science of Social Timing

Timing is everything, learning when your audience is tuning in, and therefore when to post, is necessary for any successful blogger. This useful infographic shows how timing can affect blog readership.

The Science of Social Timing


9. Twitter Facts and Figures

Five years ago Twitter was just an idea with three people working on it.  Fast forward to 2011, this is a great round-up of some amazing facts and figures, for example, on 11 March 2011 177 million Tweets were sent, and @Justinbieber has 9,662,144+ followers!

Twitter Facts and Figures


8. Facebook Contests by the Numbers

This infographic was the results of a survey which reviewed and analysed the reasons for, and outcomes of, conducting Facebook contests for business, including which incentive was the most effective.

Facebook Contest by the numbers



7. The Meteoric Rise of Twitter

A really useful overview on how Twitter has grown to over 100 million unique users, a breakdown of key events, including Ashton Kutcher and P.Diddy, and a detailed breakdown of Twitter users in the US.  One of the key points, is Twitter has an awareness of 87% while Facebook has just 88% which, considering the number of Facebook users, is quite remarkable.

The meteoric rise of Twitter

6. The Basic Facebook FACTS

Just a really useful basic facts and figures infographic about Facebook.  The graphics are simple and easy to read and the text is kept to a minimum.  You can digest the information quickly and efficiently - the messaging is clear with a neat, crisp design.

The Basic facebook FACTS