12 Months in Social Media at Fresh Egg

Our senior social media strategist, David Somerville, has been a key member of the Fresh Egg team for just over a year now. To mark this special occasion, we asked him to share his expertise and shed some light on the world of social media. Specifically, we asked David to share how social media has changed over the past year, and provide some insight as to what changes we can likely expect in the future.


So, who is David Somerville?


At Fresh Egg, we like to introduce some of the people in the team with an introductory staff blog post (you can see our latest one about our new director of display, Tim Cross, Surfers Against Sewage


  • He once sat on a toilet on Brighton beach for a photo shoot – we’re assured this was for a Surfers Against Sewage campaign, but who knows…



  • David is apparently related to South Africa’s former President, P. W. Botha



  • Before moving to Fresh Egg, David worked for over 14 years at the Friday Media Group. During his time there, he carried out various marketing roles, including marketing manager for the recruitment division, online content marketing manager, and social media marketing manager




How has social media changed in the last 12 months?


The social media landscape has changed dramatically over the past year. Not only have there been numerous changes to the platforms themselves (Facebook’s impending introduction of “Google authorship is now more popular than ever, with more and more people choosing to link up their G+ profile with blog posts and online articles they compose. While this is interesting in itself, what makes it all the more intriguing is the possible future introduction Google’s fabled ‘Author Rank’, which is still strongly believed to be just around the corner.”


Any predictions for the future?

Whether the implementation of Author Rank is a myth or not, it’s likely participation in Google authorship is only going to increase. But what else does the future of social media hold for us? Here are David’s thoughts:

“As it becomes more widely understood that social media is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy, more businesses are going to be spending more time and resources on social media activity than ever before.

“Not only this, but the way in which social media is used is also going to change. No longer can businesses just focus on having a Facebook page with a thousand likes – we all know there is so much more to social media than that.

“A wider range of networks and platforms will soon be embraced – G+ in particular is already the second biggest social platform in the world, and it’s only going to grow. The power of social media as a customer service tool is also beginning to be understood, and I’m certain the use of social platforms is going to become more integrated within businesses’ customer service policies.”


David’s top five people to follow on Twitter


    • @Zee – Zee M Kane, CEO of The Next Web, who tweets some really useful links to digital blog posts and other articles



    • @Scobleizer – Robert Scoble, Rackspace’s startup liason officer, and a leading blogger within the digital/tech field





    • @TheWallUK – Official account sharing all the latest news from social media marketing blog, The Wall



    • @davetrott – Dave Trott, blogger and executive creative director at The Gate London, who provides a great perspective thanks to his huge experience of the advertising industry



If you’d like to find out more about how David and the social media team at Fresh Egg can help promote your brand and/or website, please feel free to contact us via email, or call us on 0845 373 1071.