Welcome Aboard to Steve Teece

Say hi to Steve Teece who started with us on 19th August as an engineer working within the SEO team.    Steve graduated from Portsmouth University where he studied e-business and then joined M.A.D Productions in Southampton, where he implemented natural search optimisation and online marketing activities for a number of  e-commerce clients.

He moved to Brighton about a month and a half ago travelling to Southampton for a couple of weeks before taking an interest in Fresh Egg.  It wasn’t just the easier commute that appealed.  Steve knew from his University studies and his work with clients that SEO was the way to go and the chance to work with Fresh Egg seemed too good to pass up.

In his spare time he drums and also DJ’s (mainly bedroom DJ-ing so far he admits) but he does have a ticket for the upcoming Bestival in the Isle of Wight -  as rare as a hen’s tooth made from gold dust as they are all sold out -  so he may be open to bids!

steve teece - he's going to Bestival!