5 Reasons Why Students Should Blog

I would like to say a big thank you to Martyn Hulme and his students at City College Brighton and Hove for giving me the opportunity to speak to them about SEO and what working in the Web industry's like.

When I asked the group if they did any blogging I was surprised by the response. Several students were clearly experienced in designing and developing web pages, as you'd expect from technology students, but none were bloggers.

I'd recommend blogging to any student, particularly if they want to work in the new media industry. Here are just a few reasons why a blog can be useful if you're a student:

1: Blogging can get you a job

I made this point number one as it is possibly the most important for many students.

Simply having your own blog which you regularly update, could be enough to get you a job. At the very least your blog is something else you can add to your curriculum vitae. It can also become a source of income or maybe even an alternative to a conventional C.V.

2: Blogging is great writing practice

There can't be many college courses that don't require the submission of some written work. Coursework, projects, essays and dissertations can all be improved through gaining practice in writing. And that doesn't necessarily mean sweating over a keyboard. Why not make good use of technology and dictate your blog posts (and your essays) using some good speech to text conversion software? Or dictate your ideas to the voice recorder in your mobile phone and then transcribe them to your computer when you can.

3: Blogs provide a versatile way to share experiences

There can't be many students today who are not familiar with Facebook or MySpace. Having your own personal blog is another great way to share your thoughts, experiences and ideas with other people. Through your blog you can interact, form relationships and make new friends and contacts.

4: Blogging can make you money

Many blogs provide their owners with a useful source of income. And many bloggers make a jolly good living from their blogs. There's loads of good advice online about monetising blogs, but it's not all about making money.

5: Blogging is fun

Writing a blog can be a lot of fun, particularly if you are writing about something that you are passionate about. You can use your blog to build a community of like-minded enthusiasts or simply as a diary; a place to reflect on the events in your life, review cool TV programmes and films, talk about the music you like, the games you play… whatever you like!

If you'd like to have a go, I recommend signing up for a free blog at either wordpress.com or blogger.com. And once again, many thanks to the students at City College Brighton and Hove.